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  1. I am coming back to the forum after being away since 2012, wow seeing the print quality from samples of 2014 and today shows how much the technology has improved. I have a a Flashforge Adventurer 3 and have been doing 3D prints and my own designs in Fusion already for little over a 2 months. I will soon be putting some photos.
  2. got a Safeguard today, it is sad when the cheapest place to get it is toysrus. had a little fun with animated megatron
  3. I believe the lake is what used to be the Grand cannon so there are installations underneath the Macross.
  4. Has any one started a petition to continue with animated already?
  5. my local Walmart has stocked Shockwave, Blurr and Swindle, the figures are just amazing.
  6. Is there going to be a DVD version? I have seen the commercial for it and only talk about the goodness of it being available only for Blu-ray
  7. Walmart around here have market up their deluxe to 7.89 and Target has market them down to 7.79.
  8. That look pretty cool, prefer the black colouring in starscream though
  9. The bomb dropping with turning thing sounds like G2 Dreadwing, could help to know from what year it was.
  10. I think a better question is he doing G1 Prime or 07 Movie Prime since there is a difference, not because of age but i think of recording technology.
  11. I am a huge Sakura fan, I am glad she is in the game but disappointed as i was hoping to see a more mature Sakura
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