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So, it looks like we'll be having SDC return in 2023 on October 7th. At least that is the plan. Tickets will hopefully go on sale soon. Stay tuned.

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Hi all, just an update. We are slated for 10/7, but due to staff shortages and our graphics designer being really busy, we have not set up any official announcements. I'm hoping this weekend that we can set it all up and get the registration going, but it's a small crew this year. We are also going to be making some changes, but that shouldn't hinder the event itself. Macross, even while in it's 40th anniversary stage, has been kinda quiet with the ending of Delta, and the younger fans, as I'm sure you're aware, follow anime like pop music. That said, we'll be looking for panelists, a few vendors, and some special guests this year. I hope to have news soon.

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Tickets are up, but we haven't made the announcements on social media. Give it a few days, and I'll provide the link once we make the official announcement. If any of you are vendors, we have very limited vendor space indoors, and are looking for vendors that specifically sell a good amount of Macross, Mospeada, Southern Cross (if there's still any), and Gundam merchandise. If you are interested in that, send an email to sdcvendors@gmail.com Aside from that, we're official again this year.

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OK, so SDC is on a hold right now, until we figure out some issues with the venue billing.

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From Facebook post by Lionel Lum
"Nicer photos of my Macross 40th Anniversary public display at Fanime 2023. Additional test shots at night with my new Galaxy Star Projectors. All Zentraedi ships are 1/3000 scale. All Macross is 1/1450 scale. *NO 3D PRINT* Due to debut at Super Dimension Convention MacrossWorld (date still to be announced)."













The Megaroad looks awesome. :wub: 

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Here's the official banner announcements. Registration for attendees, vendors, and artists is now live. There are very limited number of tables for Vendors and artists, so if you want to do that, they may be gone by AX time in early July. We are going to have some cool swag stuff with the full body art of these characters, too, so that will be available coming later, as well as guest announcements, and some other cool stuff.



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