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  1. If only there was a hard rock version of DYRL that was shorter? But it needs more cowbell! Original DYRL song is the best!
  2. It's like Macross World the internet series! Cool!
  3. Those psychiatric medications for bipolar disorder can and do have side effects that directly effect the circulatory system. So, it's likely she had a massive stroke or heart attack from the long-term use of those types of medications. From her last messages to her friends and family, she had lots to look forward to for new projects. So sad. https://www.google.ca/search?q=bipolar+medication+and+heart+attack&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b&gfe_rd=cr&dcr=0&ei=36tjWuDHLYPt8wfMiIGwDw ********** I was wrong about her medications causing her death. She was drinking alcohol in the bathtub, fell asleep and drowned. https://globalnews.ca/news/4430851/dolores-oriordan-cause-of-death-cranberries-singer/
  4. I guess this monster was not meant to be.
  5. I'm all out of date with what dinosaurs actually looked like. Gigantic vicious chickens!
  6. Hi Mechtech: SME is Sony Music Entertainment. Sony does not have a licence for Macross music; Flying Dog does. Youtube has an automatic copyright software that has taken down dozens of legitimate youtube videos in the last 6 months. The youtube video system is also difficult in trying to get your video unblocked because of the guilty before innocent stance that youtube makes for video uploaders. You can contest Youtube for this copyright block, but you may run into some problems. Vimeo might be better. ******************** These multinational companies are getting me mixed up. Victor Entertainment (not Flying Dog) produces / distributes Macross music and Sony appears to own Victor. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victor_Entertainment So, SME might have a legitimate claim, but you also have the DMCA fair use clause for education purposes.
  7. I watched it today! It was the most Star Wars movie that has Star Wars'ed in the last 20 years! Totally worth watching more than once! My minor dislike was that I could not go as a group of Star Wars fans to see this movie! I only saw two other people dressed up as jedi. Other than that, I am very pleased with JJ and the gang's efforts!
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing more MST3K shows! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mst3k/bringbackmst3k
  9. I just watched that Redlettermedia video,too, My mistake. Those guys have a really good track record at analyzing movies especially the star wars movies. They put together a very plausible plot line and character development for episode 7 to 9 that hits all the Star Wars buttons to me. But I'm almost wishing that they are mostly right in their speculation because their version still sounds like a really good star wars movie to me. At this point, I don't want to listen to anymore current Star Wars podcasts or even watch that new international trailer. It's been fun to listen to all the hype and photo-reveals and read the latest SW forum and facebook posts. I look forward to the Force Awakens movie next month with many more just as good or better to follow.
  10. I am still not convinced that the DYRL BD was censored for the video game. The Frontier BD / playstation games also had graphic violence, but no scenes were censored. Perhaps, the two minor gory scenes were blurred just enough to reassert copyright control of DYRL for Big West? Has anybody done a scene by scene comparison of the DYRL BD with the DRYL remastered DVD to see which scenes looked better? I wouldn't mind seeing a better DYRL BD because there is room for a little improvement. At the very least, I am hoping for the new DYRL BD to have the censored scenes included as a bonus extra. The new DYRL BD subtitled in English along with the director's commentary would be my wish. ****** I posted before I saw what Tochiro wrote.
  11. Hi nyone: I was just wondering about your specific handbrake settings to make improvements upon Macross animation, such as the DYRL R2 DVD. Using Sir Blew's Handbrake settings, I was able to improve video quality and get the video de-interlaced at the same time on a Techno Boyager R2 DVD. But, with Sir Blew's settings, the Bandai DYRL R2 DVD still had a significant interlacing problem where the interlaced frames are ghosted one upon the other rather than separated into individual frames. Alternatively, on the original trilogy forum, Dr. Dre (forum name) has been working to get the best video quality out of DVD using Avisynth and plug-ins. The avisynth software with his plug in settings take days to encode a few minutes and weeks to encode a whole movie The changes in video quality from one version to the next are just too subtle for me to see properly. It looks like you're on the right track.
  12. So, can we expect a Gubaba / JB0 Macross '83 TV episode Podcast review? (with guest commentators, too) I was talking to HannouHeiki, formerly know as OptimusX, about how that would be a fun podcast to hear if only somebody had the time and Macross knowledge to make it work. Each episode discussed by each scene. 1. character discussions (motivations / development), 2. background in-story history speculation (UN Spacy or Zentradi or Protodeviln or Protoculture) 3. showing the connections and motives of the tri-partite elements of music, mecha and romance 4. production development of the shows from the production companies (Big West, Tatsunoko, Studio Nue, etc.) to the voice actors e.g. fun Macross facts like how the idea for the 'Itano Circus' was developed 5. how Macross fits in the anime field at that time and how it impacted other anime shows or people 6. precedents of other anime that influenced Macross 7. about how (what, when, where?) and why and who makes Macross music so very good etc. Podcast titles? Super Dimension Revue Super Dimension Frequency (Tune in!) Just thinking out loud.
  13. I was looking into upgrading the Crystallio II firmware to 2.10 and found somebody on the AVS forum had enabled their HDMI audio with Crystallio settings. Output / Port Configuration / Force DVI Mode / choose automatic for HDMI 2 output and then there was digital sound! There is a slight delay in the HDMI audio that needs fixing, but I should be able to capture digital audio via the hdmi input for the el gato or shuttle intensity. I'm not sure about capturing uncompressed audio just yet. ******************* UPDATE: Confirmed: Shuttle Intensity captures Linear PCM uncompressed audio. Problems: I just need to be able to extract the uncompressed audio from the mp4 without any alterations. 1 minute of Quicktime YUV 8 bit 720p 59.9fps = 2 GB of hard drive space 155 minutes = 300 + GB and I only have a fast 250 GB SSD on the Macbook pro. Solution: I can capture one side of a laserdisc and then use Bittorrent Sync to transfer the file over to my main desktop computer for editing. ***************** At this point, I'm not sure whether to start with 480i and try fix the video afterwards or use the Crystallio II and X0 video processors to up-scale, de-interlace and lessen possible video errors? The Shuttle Intensity software offers a lot of different High Definition codecs to create uncompressed video. But, all of these video codecs use up a lot of hard drive space. 720p with an HD codec looks like the maximum resolution that my Macbook pro can capture video without dropping frames and I have max'ed out my macbook pro hardware. I can do a 1080p H264 video capture with the El gato or Hauppauge, which would use less hard drive space. I'm not sure if there is a possiblity of de or un-compressing the H264 video later. I have read that un-compressed HD video is less prone to video encoding errors when edited and then compressed into BD or AVCHD formats.
  14. Minor Update on Black Magic Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt capture box: I got it to work almost. Crystalio video processor has 2 HMDI outputs. HDMI 1 only outputs at 1080p 59.9fps or 60fps HDMI 2 can output at 720p, 1080p and 1080i 59.9fps or 60fps. 480i or 480p are not options in the Intensity Shuttle capture software. I was able to use the Quicktime YUV 8bit codec at 720p without dropping frames. 8 minutes = 29 GB ! 98 GB for each 27 minute LD capture ! As soon as I used 10 bit codecs or try capturing video at 1080 i(nterlaced), the Intensity shuttle software starts to drop frames inside of 1 minute and automatically stops capturing. To reduce colour-banding video errors, I tried turning off all 2D and 3D process on the X0 LD player and use just the Crystallio video processor, but the video does look better when using the LD video processing. The more video processing that is enabled with the Crystallio, the more the video has a little stuttering or has small glitches. Crystallio does do a very good job at up-scaling to my LG TV. I have had no success at enabling HDMI audio with the Crystalio system settings / passthrough options with Crystalio HDMI 1 or 2 outputs. Crystallio II Manual Current firmware is 2.07. With the Hauppauge and Windows laptop, I would be able to capture the optical audio from the LD player, but only as a compressed AAC file. I would have to see if there is a work around using a 3rd party video / audio capture software for the Hauppauge box to get a choice of capturing an uncompressed audio file.
  15. I'm going to need some more time just to get one LD capture done. Most of yesterday was spent trying to set up the X0 LD, Crystallio II video processor, Shuttle Intensity, El Gato , M-Audio Audiophile USB and Macbook pro to work with each other. I haven't tested out the Hauppauge PVR yet because that capture box works better with Windows. So far, the El Gato capture box is working the best for video capture and analog audio. 480 interlaced or 1080 progressive H264, 224 kb/s AAC Analog VIDEO: The El Gato HD Game Capture was worth the money. I was able to get the DYRL SE LD Disc 1 Side 1 captured at 640x480 29.97fps through the composite / RCA connection. Depending on the settings in the El Gato capture software, the resolution changed: 640x480i, 720x480i, 852x480i 29.97fps The El Gato was able to not only capture the original LD video at 480i(nterlaced) via the hdmi Crystalio hdmi output , but also up-scale the LD video to 1080p(rogressive)! The component 480i do not look as good as the hdmi 1080p captures because of the interlacing. Some colour-banding issues (looks like the video is divided into horizontal strips) in the captured video are visible, so I need to adjust the X0 player's 3D video processor settings down (CNR?) or off. The LD 480i video is originally interlaced and doesn't look so good. The LD video has more scratches and dust compared to the remastered DYRL DVD. The Crystallio II can actually output the 480i LD video into 1080p with video processing. But, I have to play with the settings because there is another video problem where the captured video is shifted to the left with un-even letter-boxing. I think I can get the Crystallio to move the the video to the right a few pixels and get the captured video evened up. The Shuttle Intesity Thunderbolt was a bust. The Crystallio II video settings for resolution could not be adjusted to the same resolution and progressive / interlaced settings as any of the Shuttle Intensity resolutions such as 1080 interlaced. Maybe, the Shuttle does have a component video capture feature like the El Gato, but I bought this capture box because of its 10 bit HD capture encoding features. I double-checked that the Black Magic resolution settings in the Macbook pro control panel are the same as in the Black Magic capture software and I still get nothing, but a black screen in the video capture software. And yet, I do not have this resolution matching problem in the El Gato software. Other people are able to get this capture box to work. I don't know how just now. AUDIO: Digital audio capture is still something I want to be able to get from the LDs. At least, laser disc analog audio capture is not a problem. I tried again to get the the M-Audio Audiophile USB to work to get back to digital audio capture. It powers on, but then it just refuses to be recognized by Windows (Windows 8.1) or Apple (Latest OSX Mavericks) laptops no matter what version of software used (version 1.8.0. or 1.8.1). I did try an alternate USB cable to no avail. Also, the obsolete M-Audio software installs and uninstalls incompletely. I have no idea what I did differently to get this audio capture to work the last time or why it just quit on me without changing any settings or software. Supposedly, the Crystallio II does output digital audio through the HDMI cable, but there might be a setting in the Crystallio menu that is preventing the audio from working properly. Or the lack of HDMI audio might be the reason why it was sold to me at a reasonable price? Alternatively to get a digital audio capture directly from the LD player, I had an important 8mm digital optical cable. It is currenlty lost in my apartment somewhere. That cable could possibly make a direct capture from the X0 optical output to the Macbook pro 8mm digital optical input with Audacity software. After an 1 and 1/2 hours of frantic and loudly self-berating in the search for an audio cable, it looks like I'm just going to have to buy a new cable. **************** And then once I sort this out, then there is a Avisynth software plug-in called "TOOT" that lessens the capture errors by merging 3 different LD video captures together. And then there would be Neat video and colour correction with Sony Vegas to bring out the best from the LD video.
  16. Laser discs normally have less resolution than a standard DVD, unless the LD is a Muse LD and your LD player has a Muse LD decoder. LDs sometimes have more accurate colour or uncompressed audio than compared to DVDs. The LD video can be up-scaled with Video Enhancer with Super Resolution and then video processed with the Neat Video plug-in, but there is only so much that can be done for low resolution video. I was able to make uncompressed audio captures of all of my DRYL LDs and Flashback LD with an M-Audio Audiophile USB. And then the Audiophile USB stopped working. I have tried multiple Windows and Apple device drivers to get the Audiophile USB to work again. It looks like I will have to buy a "new" Audiophile USB to make any more LD audio captures. Alternatively, the X0 LD player audio can be patched through my Crystalio II video processor. This video processor does have an hdmi output, but I'm not sure if it's for video only? If that hdmi output does have audio, then I can use a couple of video capture boxes to get the audio. Currently, I have 3 different video capture boxes that I plan to use with my Macbook Pro: Hauppauge HD PVR 1.0, Elgato Game Capture HD and a Black Magic Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt. Another challenge to be resolved for the captured LD audio would be that the audio is captured in parts from each side of the LD. The separated audio parts would need to be joined are re-timed / stretched to match different formats like DVD or BD. Sony Sound forge might work to get this done. For example, I found when capturing the DYRL Audio Drama LP (vinyl album) into wav files, that the separate audio parts were 8 minutes shorter than the comparable remastered DYRL DVD video. The ION LP record player would not run at an even speed or slightly slower than the DVD audio which created the shortened, inaccurate audio files. The Hauppauge does have an optical audio input, but the audio is encoded into compressed AAC only and not uncompressed wav or mp4a. The El Gato and Shuttle have hdmi digital audio input and RCA analog audio input.. Let me see what I can do about getting one LD capture done this week.
  17. You could probably base a whole Macross TV show just about the Jenius daughters and their mecha combat and singing skills!
  18. You would need one of those crazy expensive Laser needle LP players just to maintain the integrity of such a rare LP. The Macross RED DISC will likely remain an unheard Macross mystery closely guarded by Protoculture acolytes. Beware, beware!
  19. Hi jvmacross: Were you brave enough to listen to what is on that red flexidisc record?
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