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  1. I haven't been keeping up with the news, but is there any indication that the issues surrounding SDFM and DYRL are closer to being resolved so we can get a worldwide release? Or is HG making things difficult?
  2. I want a full fledge remake of the TV series with full VR support! Meaning, we can watch the show in VR using our VR headsets like ie an Oculus Quest, and during the show we are allowed to put ourselves in the Macross world with full VR support. For example, during the scenes when Minmay is holding her concert, we can watch it in VR with the option to put ourselves right at the front row of the concert. Another example would be when Hikaru has a dogfight in the Valkarie. The VR version will allow us just see the action from his eyes sitting in the cockpit of the Valkarie. That's just some examples of what we'll be able to do in the VR remake.
  3. I thought the TV series originally came out in 1984, with RT following a year later?
  4. Wow thanks for the detailed impressions man. I'm glad you had a good time. You're right, they should just release it on Blu-ray already. Not sure what the hesitation could be. On another note, won't macross be turning 40 in about three years or so? If so, perhaps they will have a 40th anniversary concert in 2024 or something. What do you think the odds are?
  5. At least you got to go. Can you tell us who all performed? Was Hiroko kasahara(Ishtar) there? What about Akino Arai or Yoko kono?
  6. [quote=Mari ijima] My co-star took his own life years back.....[/quote] Wait...is she talking about the actor who played Hikaru(sorry forgot his name)? I thought he died in some sort of car accident? Did he really commit suicide?
  7. And I for one, would welcome that announcement with open arms. Bring that crap on Big West!!!!
  8. All this news is absolutely blowing my mind right now. It still hasn't sunk in that Macross will soon be *LEGITIMATELY* available in the west. Simply bonkers. I know a lot of you are waiting for things like the toys, art books and stuff like that, but I personally hope....and I mean really really REALLY hope they release all the Macross live concert performances that's taken place over the years, particularly the 25th Anniversary concert that took place back in like what....1998? I've been wanting to see that concert like...BADLY, complete with English subs. Then there's the other concert that took place a few years later that *I believe* celebrated either the 30th anniversary or the 35th anniversary I can't remember. I know it was somewhere around the 2004 or perhaps 2008 time frame. I would pay an absurdly high price for an official bluray of these concerts! Do you guys think Big West will eventually release them?
  9. I haven't seen Macross Delta yet, but from what I hear it's, well....pretty darn bad. And if that's true, maybe the question should be....*SHOULD* the next Macross be Kawamori's last? When was the last really good Macross in you guys' opinion? 7? Zero? Frontier?
  10. Thanks for the explanation. Wow. Pretty eye-opening stuff.
  11. I'm not sure what you're trying to say. Can you explain what you mean when you say they were "doubling down on being reduced to a Macross 7 parody" ? Can you be more specific? All I know is that they haven't made jack crap lately and it's confusing to me. Are they even producing *ANYTHING* these days? If not, why are they even still in business?
  12. Since the other thread is locked I just wanted to ask what the current status is on the whole Harmony Gold owning Macross rights situation is? It feels like it's been a hundred years since there's been any discussion on this. I just don't understand what HG hopes to gain from this situation. I mean, it's been years and they're just sitting on the rights to a property they haven't done anything with for what seems like an eternity. Are they waiting for Big West/Studio Nue to approach them and offer them a gazillion dollars to buy back the rights to Macross or something? If so, I got a bridge I can sell them.
  13. As someone who hasn't seen the film in ages, and intends to watch it on the 2016 BluRay, I humbly thank you!!! In the meantime,, can someone be so kind as to provide a link to where I can purchase the official 2016 Bluray?
  14. Wow. Have they made any announcements regarding any kind of 4K BluRay release of either the OVA or the film? Please please please please, with cherries on top?
  15. Hi guys. Good to see you all still hanging around this great forum. We're all a lot older now but I'm glad to see it appears our love for Macross hasn't waned one bit. It certain;y hasn't for me. Anyway just wanted to say I wholeheartedly agree with Agent One. A full blown remake with the updates described above would be bonkers. Do it Kawamori-san!!
  16. what resolution is DYRL on youtube? Is it the version from the Bluray remaster?
  17. Hi guys. Is there any news of a 4K BD release of DYRL on the horizon any time soon? What resolution is the existing current Bluray release?
  18. This is so strange. Why not release the freakin' concert itself on BD?
  19. Sounds like it was a killer event! Wish I could have been there Maybe the next big concert.
  20. Was Hiroko Kasahara at the event? She's my favorite Macorss singer.
  21. Are there plans to release any sort of bluray covering this event? That'd be awesome!
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