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  1. SAL/Surface has been available for quite some time (to the US, anyway). I wouldn't expect Air Mail or even EMS to come back online until Japan reopens to tourists; as others have pointed out, those packages are heavily reliant on commercial airline traffic to move them back and forth.
  2. Ended up getting one thanks to no3Ljm! You the real MVP.
  3. I'm dumb and kept kicking the can down the road, then everyone stopped taking orders. Oops. Anyone got one for me to buy? Can also trade a boxed VF-4G (original release, transformed one time, always kept out of the sun) plus cash for it. Send me a PM! Thanks!
  4. Shop is still down, huh?
  5. Imported a bunch of these from Japan, ended up not needing some. Figured I'd offer them here at cost before I try to sell them elsewhere. Keep in mind that, due to the size of these cases, I paid shipping weight by volume from Japan, and it wasn't cheap. :P Send me a PM if you're interested. SNW-180 Acrylic Display Case $150 shipped 80% UV CUT (this filters out ~80% of incoming UV rays that could yellow or otherwise damage your display pieces) Inner Dimensions: 239mm x 172mm x 172mm Outer Dimensions: 300mm x 180mm x 180mm SNW-225 Acrylic Disp
  6. Wow, thank you! Will give that a try. Kind of rolling the dice because they can refuse entry/kick you out if they think or can prove you bought scalped tickets, but whatever!
  7. I realize I might be barking up the wrong tree, seeing that most of the members here don't live in Japan, but... anyone know any other avenues for getting tickets? A friend and I entered the lottery but we were unsuccessful. Buying event tickets on the secondary market in Japan is difficult to say the least, and is generally frowned upon and will soon be illegal (as of June 8th of this year). Fingers crossed!
  8. Bump for X-Mas price drop.
  9. SOLD for $315 SHIPPED Paypal send as friends/family (aka "Gift") or add 4% to cover fees. I also accept Square Cash (no fees!) or BTC at the current Coinbase rate. Not looking for trades at this time, sorry. Please send a PM if you have any interest. I don't monitor my sale threads.
  10. The reason those armor pieces ended up splotchy is because of uneven application of the creme solution and/or inconsistent exposure to UV. My recommendation based on extensive attempts at de-yellowing is: don't do it If you insist, I would: Buy a container large enough to fit the parts; line it with tin foil Buy a UV lamp/bulb. UV light strips work even better since you can mount them inside the container easily If the parts are small enough to submerge easily, use liquid solution, and not the creme For larger parts, use a brush to apply the creme, then plac
  11. kazuo

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    This is correct - that is standard practice for Amazon JP shipments. Also worth pointing out almost no third-party sellers on Amazon JP ship outside of Japan, so if you are buying directly from Amazon JP, you are either buying a product carried by Amazon JP, or you are buying a product supplied by a third-party seller which is fulfilled by Amazon JP.
  12. kazuo

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    His location says he is in Japan, so presumably he'll just walk into a local retailer and buy one.
  13. kazuo

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Not too bad, it's the usual bullshit that comes with the complexity of the design of some of the toys in this hobby. Not sure what that other guy was on about with the broken head laser, 'cause I haven't read that at all, but it ranges from broken tail fins / vertical stabilizers, issues with the wings, some shoulder and chest complaints... I feel some of it is not knowing how to properly transform the toy, but a lot of these guys seem to have the Advance as well, which makes me think it's an actual QC issue... we'll see. I wouldn't freak out just yet. Regarding returns... I think yo
  14. kazuo

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Lots of complaints on JP Twitter about various QC issues. You can currently buy through Amazon JP for around 31K yen, with 1200 yen shipping to the USA. Be sure to purchase from a seller offering Prime shipping / fulfilled by Amazon, as other offers will not ship to the USA.
  15. kazuo

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    If you have a credit card that has no FTF, pay N-Y in JPY, and use the slowest JP Post shipping option, you can get it for ~$285 USD delivered.
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