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The 'Hey look at this really cool model build I saw' post


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8 hours ago, Bolt said:

I like it !


pretty cool mash up. But they should have gone for a custom color scheme, rather than the obvious, jarringly different schemes of each one joined. 

It's a Reeses Valkyrie!!!

*Isamu*: "You got YF-21 in my YF-19!!!"

*Guld*: "You got YF-19 in my YF-21!!!"

Commercial for those who have absolutely NO idea  what I'm talking about:



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5 hours ago, sh9000 said:




By Max Watanabe.

Looks like he went a bit extra heavy on the weathering. Although I doubt it would look very clean after ejecting the armor. 
It’s about time someone showed off it’s mobility though.

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On 5/28/2024 at 12:52 AM, Big s said:

He was really trying with the perspective thing

Yeah, you have to give him credit.  But it is tough to achieve. 

On 5/24/2024 at 5:44 PM, PointBlankSniper said:

I'm no expert on anything, but my guess is the pin alternating thing is probably a product of shutter speed and recording frame rate. It probably looks more like the still photo with all pins firing multiple arcs when seen in person.

Voltage does nothing to people. You can run hundreds of million volts through a person like those science videos and a few hairs stand up at worst. Only amps fry things and stop hearts.

There is no issue of electromagnetic radiation in this. Electromagnetic radiation is all light, but generally used to refer to the stronger cancer beams. Other than the fact that the arcs are harmlessly blue, this is purely about electricity. Sensitive electronics like transistors might get damaged from it, if it was actually exposed to the arcs, but there are also components on an electronic device made for filtering out signal jitters, so you have to hit the right component to kill it. Human and vacuum cleaner nozzle static just as easily kill those parts, which is why professionals advise you to not vacuum inside your pc, or touch the components without grounding yourself. That said, modern electronics are so resillient it seems nobody cares and nothing immediately bad happens even if you do get a few static shocks on most components. There could be longevity and stability issues that nobody can directly prove the shocks are the cause of. This is kind of moot in this topic though, because all electronic devices come in housings that protect them from static. If not, you could just as easily winter static shock your device to death.

Spot welders have tiny voltage but massive amps. The amp combined with bad contact is how it gets the resistance needed to heat and melt steel. In the couple seconds the current channels through the weld, it generates enough electromagnetism to pull in a steel hammer from two feet away. I worked on them before, and was warned to keep electronics like watches and phones away, but it honestly still wasn't enough to harm a phone in my pocket. Unless you run high amp current directly through something, it won't melt or burn. Magnetism is also kind of moot without magnetic components like a hard disk drive. Nowadays, phones even have magnetic mounts for wireless chargers to satisfy all your electromagnetic fears lol.

I wonder what would be the set up to get a result like that safely.

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1 hour ago, sh9000 said:



By Wasin Sanhakorn.

That's a  very clean job. It looks 3d printed. As there's no (not much) panel lines on the body . Like my Honneamise resin version. 718D88C8-7BE7-41A4-B086-C7218DED443E.jpeg.a9a3b8127a9b1759bc72f80d291aedca.jpeg

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