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1 hour ago, F360 said:

BIJ should be good, when I use them , they have always delivered.  

Yeah, this is my third time using them. And so far, it's great. ;)

Thanks for that video link. All those option parts made the Red Astraea looks menacing. I love it. :wub:


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10 minutes ago, eXis10z said:

Has the lottery sales closed? I remembered it was opened till 20 Dec.

Dunno, here's the email I just got from them (I put in the order and paid on the 5th):


Thanks for ordering from DEJAPAN!
We have ordered your request : ########

Please wait for your item(s) to be sent to our warehouse.

Here’s a reminder of what you ordered:
[Order Number] ######## [RequestService]
 -Order detail

    Item name                                                                                      |    Unit price   |Quantity|   Subtotal    |
【抽選販売】METAL BUILD ストライクフリーダムガンダム SOUL BLUE Ver| 27,000 JPY  |      1     |27,000 JPY 


・Total Quantity :1
・Sub Total :27,000 JPY
・Coupon Discount :0 JPY
・Point Discount :0 JPY
・Plan Fee :0 JPY
・Total :27,000 JPY

If the lottery's not closed, it's just a very delayed confirmation I guess.

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On 11/29/2018 at 5:12 PM, Mac said:

Anyone know which websites will have this for pre-order? 

all the regular Japanese toys sites. 
HLJ, amiami, hobbysearch, cdjapan, nippon-yasan, nin-nin-games, amazon.jp  etc.


Preorder starts in a couple of hours 

12-03-18 16:00 jst

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3 hours ago, mamboeidos said:

hmm....i cant seem to cancel my cd japan order....

is it becos payment has been finalized? 

Check CDJ's Help Desk:



Cancelling From Customer Account
You can only cancel from your customer account when you have paid by Credit Card and your order status is "Processing".  

Cancelling by Email to Customer Support  
If you have paid by PayPal, Alipay, or your Credit Card status is other than "Processsing", email us for cancellations.  
Customer Support  (info@cdjapan.co.jp)  

Important Note  
We can not accept cancellations when the order enters the "Shipping Process".  Due to international bank process & system, the refund of your order may require few days.




How To Cancel Your Order

Credit / Debit Card, Cash, IPMO  
Cancellation is possible online in your customer account while the status of the item is Processing. After the item has been Processed, please send an email to our customer support to cancel.  

Paypal, Alipay  
If the payment method is PayPal or Alipay, the only way to cancel any item is to contact us by email, regardless of the status. This is because we will have to process a partial or full refund manually.  

Important Note  
We can not accept cancellations when the order enters the "Shipping Process".  CDJapan Customer Support (info@cdjapan.co.jp)  


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