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  1. Thanx for the insight.... Hopefully this gives them the traction they need to get their name out big time.
  2. I hope this doesn't impact the price now that they are offically "premium"
  3. this is good marketing wise...however, this may bump cost up now
  4. I really dig the quality and designs of there mechs...so i'm all in
  5. It seems Flame Toys has some influence on the engineering some what
  6. More beautiful images of a cool design...can't wait to get this bad boy
  7. I like the design its affordably priced i buy it..i'm a simple guy
  8. I guess you could say that.Also they trying build their own ip and designs...so i guess it would be a good way to churnout collectibles and save on molds...hopefully it keeps the prices down...i'd defo bite
  9. Threezero also has these lined up for the robo line...at least we have options
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