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10 hours ago, F360 said:

maybe it's the angle or the lenses that's making it look much wider than it actually is.   But I waited so long for it, I will probably buy it no matter what.  it's not like I will be looking at the back anyways. haha, 😅

I did went back to check the photos again and see if I missed anything. Yes, it's probably due to the camera angle. But even so, looking and comparing it to the other Justice kit and figures out there, this backpack really looks huge. Hehehe. Like I can't unsee it anymore. :lol: 

4 hours ago, Scyla said:

What I find more concerning are the hinges at the tail fins. What is this? A retail Transformer? ^_^

Who knows, maybe the backpack transforms into another Mobile Suit as a bonus. :rolleyes:

2 hours ago, PsYcHoDyNaMiX said:

Oh geezzz i was so appalled by the wide broad design that i completely missed the fin folding design. XD



Im just a little surprised bandai didnt go the extra mile like they usually do with their MBs and make it MB nice. Or maybe just this time they thought making it extra wide and extra detailed made it MB better, lol.

I thought they would've considered making some of the broad flat panels in the middle collaspe, fold or telescope just a bit to make it look a little more ideal. Looking at it currently makes me feel like i was back in middle school with backpack full of textbooks, lol.

They should've taken some cues on the Metal Robot Damashii or the Master Grade kit and work from there. I wonder how the wing folds in rest mode seeing that they added another component where the wings are attached to. :search:

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So... I preordered METAL BUILD GUNDAM DYNAMES REPAIR III from Nippon-Yasan in March.

and the result is.................................














no issue at all,  everything seems normal , just like before..:unknw:..


I waited until the tracking shows up on japanpost before posting this.

So it does looks like they are slowly returning back to normal. 

Edited by F360
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Can someone explain to me what the difference between the two Astray Red Frame Red Dragons where in the video from the Tamashii Nations event is?

Is the one with the three regular Caletvwlch a prototype and the one with the newly molded pieces and black highlights the actual version they are going to release?

So the difference between this:


And this:


I’m a tad disappointed that we haven’t gotten any new news but just stuff we knew from last years event. Minus the red colored Seven Sword and the Aile Strike with Grand Slam. 😒

[edit:] added comparison images from the video.

Edited by Scyla
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On 7/28/2021 at 9:58 PM, no3Ljm said:



So are we supposed to troop build this thing?  I feel like I may have made a poor life choice ordering this guy, even though it looks really cool.:unsure:

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1 hour ago, anime52k8 said:


So are we supposed to troop build this thing?  I feel like I may have made a poor life choice ordering this guy, even though it looks really cool.:unsure:

I second that.

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 Nice. Another money saved for me. :rolleyes:

37 minutes ago, eXis10z said:

Was it the original trans am version that went up to crazy prices?

Yup. The 2012 release was posted on Mandarake from Y80000 to Y165000. :shok:

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Would love to have Trans Am 00 Raiser Gundam in my collection to display with my other 2 00s, but the 00 Raider already takes up so much space in my detolf there is only just enough space to display 2 together.

Also limited funds so I have to choose between DX VF-1 line or MB/GFF MC Gundams… I chose VF-1 🙃

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