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  1. I see what you did there 😃 OK she's a looker...I'll take a Kallen figure! I'm glad I didn't jump on the MRS releases. Lancelot Albion next, then Shinkiro? That will have to come with figures of both Lelouch and C2.
  2. I've got both, they are just different. MC has better detailing and paint, a bit more traditional Kshatriya styling, but plastic is a bit lighter/brittle. SL is more stylized and angular, much larger binders, heavier, but more robust and playable.
  3. Sounds like my cue to setup a new website. Take orders and ignore everyone, it'll be faithful to the original!
  4. From this post specifically. If you read the kanji on the left, it says (paraphrased) "Origin point, Again (or Return)" and on the right where the Sazabi is it says "Katai, continued". A lot of the Japanese comments below are about a reissue. Actually more are commenting about the Nu Gundam than the Sazabi, lol. Again, there's room for interpretation and it's Bandai so who the F knows.
  5. They teased it late last year when the released some more photos of the MS Sazabi. But again, with all of Bandai's teases, who knows for sure. It's likely that it'll be hard to get your hands on it either way. The first time the MS Nu was released for PO people were skeptical of the price point and it was a bit lukewarm at first. Then the reviews came out and suddenly folks wanted one...it's proven that the market is there. They didn't even put a timeline on a reprint, so... I'd go with a surer thing honestly, who knows how long you'd be waiting.
  6. I don't think that's the issue here, but the Metal Structure Nu does not come with the fin funnels. So it's more a matter of if you can find the funnel set, two if you want symmetrical look. They are going for up to 3 times the original $200 MSRP at this point. Hopefully with the teased reprint of the MS Nu they will make more, and I can get a second set at reasonable price.
  7. Yep. Or even the matte gold finish they used for the MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0...that is by far my favorite. Very similar to this, maybe a tad bit shinier. I'm personally not a great fan of the mirror shiny gold, shows surface imperfection and fingerprints too much.
  8. Pass. I really just want the Hyaku Shiki Kai non-MPT version... Hopefully with a better looking finish. This yellow looks very similar to the poop yellow Bandai uses for their injection molded gold.
  9. So... I have to ask. Does Trans Am color undies make the evening business go 3X Faster? I'm not sure that's desirable, depending on your point of view lol.
  10. I'm also from Taiwan but currently in the US. My family is still in Taiwan though.
  11. Yeah I know I've heard they're trying to improve their shipping and packing practices but it seems they've been inconsistent so far. Staying away for now.
  12. You know that's a good question. I think of Pontiac Firebirds. Perhaps the speed is the reference to cars? In universe its just referred to as Trans-Am right off the bat with no explanation.
  13. Recently got it on blu-ray, the animation is amazing.
  14. Bandai when is the 1:1 Sheryl Nome up for preorder? Make it happen! ( 0:15 sec) lol Also Macross stuff on display at the 6:30 mark.
  15. Yeah I was looking forward to Hi- nu... But am pretty disappointed with the sculpt. It's very conservative and the legs just don't seem right. Let's see if they show more gimmicks before release to change my mind. They may do a heavy armor pack?
  16. Same here. Soooooooo much easier. Hello beauty sleep!
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