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  1. It's been mentioned before on the 3rd party thread, but this isn't from the real MoShow, just imposters trying to capitalize on brand confusion. The legit MoShow has moved on to original IP like the Takeda Shingen from Progenitor Effect.
  2. Yeah I left a message on the order in their website. No reply yet. Although I just realized they have an announcement on their website that they are moving to a bigger warehouse this week so shipments are temporarily suspended.
  3. Has anyone who ordered the Combo from Nin-Nin gotten any communication from them? It's been sitting at "under preparation" status for 2 weeks now. They've usually come through for me, but the 6-month Paypal deadline is creeping up in 2 weeks and I'm a bit anxious.
  4. I'm pretty close if you don't count all the recolors/repackaging... I gave up on that long time ago. Also not counting the Mazinger MBs, no interest in those. I do have all the FMP and Evangelion releases tho. I think thus far the only one I don't have is the Strike Ootori which is yet to be released and the Astrea High Maneuver pack which is way overpriced for what it is, particularly since I already have 2 Avalung OP sets. Everything else I have at least one version/combo of, sometimes two or more (looking at you Strike).
  5. Depends on if you're judging by missile count or amount of on-screen smoke lol
  6. Isn't SOC usually for super robots and stuff like Space Battleship Yamato? I honestly dunno why they did this one as SOC in particular...
  7. Armor set from Big in Japan arrived today, Kurama toys sent it out yesterday. Still no peep from Nin-Nin on the combo set. I do feel this time the preordered prices were slightly higher than finding it at release, as we're seeing now.
  8. Nice! I've been thinking about this... Not much good GITS merch around. Only got a ijiban kuji Major. Wish they had more Batou stuff, or the OG spider tank from the movie which is still my favorite design.
  9. Yep, I guess depending on what price you got it for items not as in demand like this you may find cheaper at release. Insurance I guess.
  10. They asked an extra 3430 yen on top of the original 5540 yen for shipping...is that in line with everyone else? Totals up to 23,970yen. This is for the armor set only. Kurama is asking $62 USD for EMS, overall price 221.90 USD. So both end up being similarly priced overall. My combo set is from Nin-Nin, no peep from them yet. Edit: clarify overall price
  11. Yeah. I got an extra to paint in Roy's colors in case Bandai had their heads up their arse and doesn't release it. By far my favorite color scheme of the 3 they prototyped.
  12. TBF it probably saves them transforming the figure into fighter mode before packaging so... Value engineering!
  13. Plamax 1/20 Hikaru and Sheryl from HLJ. Sent SAL and arrived much earlier than anticipated!
  14. Damn Bandai finally taking a page out of yamcadia's book. Just hope the retailers package this well for shipping!
  15. While I totally agree, that thing gonna be expensive. That was probably a one-off prototype, bringing it to production at scale is a whole nother ballgame with tooling and molds. I'd be surprised if it passes their internal cost-benefit analysis.
  16. Don't worry, I'm sure there are members on here (like me) that have duplicates and will be looking to let go come release time. I got 2 solo GBPs then a combo. Will probably sell the solos eventually.
  17. What do you think these forums, and this thread especially, are for? LOL
  18. Personally I'm hoping they make the GFFMC Full Armor Gundam. Not the Thunderbolt one, but the OG olive green one. It's by far my favorite RX-78 variant, with red warrior a close second. I did get the fix figuration release but they are smaller, the material doesn't age well and very limited articulation. Along the lines of your Powered GM obsession, I hope somebody does the Nouvel GM III from Sentinel. I will, and pretty much have, buy anything Sentinel related from the Ka Signature line.
  19. Oh well, I'm ok with them taking their time, otherwise my wallet can't take it lol. Between DX Chogokin Macross stuff and Metal Builds, the occasional GFFMC... There's enough for my wallet to cry. MB line is due a new mold though... Hopefully the Hi-Nu is next. Also Metal Structure Sazabi lurking...
  20. What I remember seeing on the forums is that they got pulled from PayPal due to the number of refunds and disputes they had. So while tempting, I'm gonna stay away.
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