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  1. I used to do that too, until it became too obvious. Now I keep them way up and mostly out of sight so it's harder to tell if they multiply =P
  2. Well at least they know they need to put out more strike frames to go with all the backpacka they're pumping out lol. They did do the naked strike as a TWE exclusive before so it's just a rerun. From a cursory glance can't tell if the decals are different?
  3. Gonna be patient. Patient. Please Bandai?
  4. Same here! Actually I hope the VF-25S gets the same painted update. Probably never going to happen given Bandai is focused on the 31s now.
  5. Oh damn, I didn't know this was a thing. Otherwise I would have jumped on it as well! Love the show!
  6. I'm in the same boat, I like the backpack but don't care for a pink strike. Prolly gonna skip this one. Hopefully they'll do a separate release but if they don't, meh.
  7. I'm just pointing out the relative prices. I was looking at the Motoko Kusanagi statue that was going for 1200 and has no moving pieces, and realizing that that kind of price is not uncommon for statue and figure collectors (which I'm not). It's unlikely that MoShow will do anything Gundam related since they've moved on to licensed homegrown Chinese IP like their Progenitor Effect. I saw rumors Daban is working on a copy of the MS Nu in kit form... But I don't build Daban kits due to their lackluster fitment.
  8. While I agree to a certain extent (I have all of MoShow releases and absolutely adore their work), if you reframe the MS Nu in the context of large statues with limited to no posability the original MSRP ain't that bad. I puke when I see how much people are paying for static polystone statues/figures. I do think it's dumb the fin funnels were separate though.
  9. Thanks man, I jumped on this one. And I prefer its fighter mode so that's how it's going to stay lol. DHL shipping wasn't too bad around 30 dollars to the US.
  10. I know right? I couldn't wait and already picked up the Metal Robot Robot Spirits version with hyper Mega cannon... At this pace we won't see it until next year.
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