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  1. That's how I generally feel with P Bandai, it ends up being more expensive, but it's guaranteed. For most items you can probably import from Mandarake for cheaper, which I'm starting to do with some things that aren't absolutely must have.
  2. leeboo1211

    Hi-Metal R

    I have an island to sell you...=P
  3. This book was originally published around 1987-88 so it's been awhile... Now that I see it again, it's a full scratch build... Which is crazy. But it was so popular that it became the de facto Ex-S pose.
  4. It was popularized by a specific custom build featured in the Gundam Sentinel Model Graphix series in the magazine and eventually published in the book... I'll see if I can find a photo of it.
  5. They are legit and been around for a while, but the way they keep prices low I think is because they ship surface/sea to US warehouse first...hence the ship date of this in October 2024, usually 2-3 months later than other shops that ship by air.
  6. They're equally inflated for Gundam items on the official P-Bandai US Portal, for example a Metal Build that sells for 27k yen MSRP ($185 at today's exchange rates) is often 270 USD+shipping+tax which ends up like 315 USD when all is said and done, not to mention the 2-3 month shipping delay. They are shipped by boat and distributed from the West Coast by former Bluefin. So price-wise it often ends up cheaper and faster waiting for see secondary market options even with shipping like DHL. That being said, for some items it is much easier to secure a PO on PBUS than the JP sites, so there's the tradeoff... It is more guaranteed.
  7. Probably the manufacturing lead time for a full GN Arms set is too lengthy....and the profit margins on options sets are much better? It's almost half the price of a full set for maybe 25% of the parts. Not so much Bandai grew a conscience.
  8. I'd typically agree with you, but I do remember a Japanese press release teasing the Type D as option parts and not a full release. I guess we'll see.
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