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Macross Collection Display Thread


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Hi :). I want to share some quite horrible pics of my collection. I have to take new pics of the newcomers, and hopefully they´ll be taken properly :blink: . Please excuse the mess. I´ll update the post whenever I can :D

Thanks !

Nice collection there. They look good on that shelf!

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Nice collection there. They look good on that shelf!

Thanks :)

Even with a 3 1/2 and a 5 1/2 y/old little critters (or childs...) you can still have an open cabinet :)

And that´s because here in Buenos Aires, apartments are quite small, so the need for a small cabinet. It´s quite a mess by now, but It´ll do for the moment

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That TV version Galient is going to be a model kit I believe - not a finished Wham release.

This is the only WAVE finished figure from the series. Its from the Galient OVA Crest of Iron - the designs are quite different in the OVA, and some of the best, most unique mecha designs ever IMO. Much better than the Galient TV designs.

Just keep a watch out on Yahoo Japan auctions, they will come up again.

More display pics of valks - to get some Macross back in here:


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What kind of cabinets are they? Where did you get them? Dust proof?

I just recently moved and I finally started unpacking all my stuff and setting up my office. I took a pic from my phone for now. I have a ton of stuff left to unpack, and a lot of work left to do on the room and to the cabinets. Install lights, and get everything arranged once I have them all out so I can see how much space I have to work with, etc. Those 1/48 Regults and Glaug will take up a lot of room. I can't wait to get my completed 1/48 inbits back from Exo /wink. Most of the stuff I have left to unpack are my 1/48 customs and random stuff that will most likely end up on my desk. The robot damashii mobile suits will go on the computer desk once I have it set up.


LOL I actually just bought the same display cases only with a lighter maple color for the base here in Montreal....Just started slowly unpacking my stuff, hopefully I'll have some pictures to show you guys :)

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The Wave stuff looks sooooo nice. I am still kicking myself to this day that I missed the WHAM Patlabor Helldiver.

The WAVE Helldiver it extremely nice, the only figure I have 2 of. If I see one come up again for sale I will ping you.

I just got the WAVE Crusher Joe Minerva and fighter sets too. Very nicely executed pieces...



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sorry for the delay I still owe the pics of battroid of lucifer I want to finish the paint of the head first like you can see this a lucifer v1 and repeat are the same parts including the head the change are only in the connection parts and reference to the vf 1 this is what I expect by arcadia although minor improvements but movable laser canons better hands and things like that





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