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  1. For me, it'll always be the GBP-1 in the Miss Macross episode.
  2. you're lucky. I've been trying to introduce Macross (or, even Robotech) to my son since he was 5. 5 years later and still "nope"... he's just not interested. Gundam hasn't fared any better. (actually the only anime that had any success would be Pokémon)
  3. recently got some HMR's and kinda regret them as they look so tiny standing next to my 1/48s... Max & QuadMi have been on display, luckily no sign of yellowing (I don't think...)
  4. recent additions... the three Hi Metal R look so small next to the yamato 1/48...
  5. I got as far as "Le poisson, le poisson, hee hee hee haw haw haw"
  6. i'd probably be more interested if $50 gets me all 3 series, the original bubblegum crisis, crash, and 2040; plus AD Police (even though I already have 2040 and ADP in DVD format, and a HK-issued BGC) plus, someone like ADV might end up putting those out later as a set (just like they did with R*Tech using remastered material)
  7. are the flightposes able to hold a 1/48 with super strike? or just the 1/60ths
  8. is this a resin kit or a plastic kit (similar to gunpla) ?
  9. Updated my detolf & collection Panel lined my Max VF-1A with Too Copic 0.1mm Gray multi-liner & 0.03mm Black multi-liner Newest addition, 1/48 Woodland set & very very old destroid from 80's.
  10. bhchan

    My Tiny Collection

    Just started and thought I'd share my tiny collection on my just-assembled detolf
  11. +2 to Keoki420 for the 1/48 woodland combo.... you were right, it -did- take a whole month to arrive!
  12. don't forget Legoland... they still have the 1:1 scale Xwing on display.
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