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Super Dimension Convention October 28, 2017

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On 2/2/2017 at 7:24 PM, blackconvoy_D01 said:

Can Macross 82-99 dj the event (as a suggestion)?


It's a great idea. We wanted to have a DJ at the last con but logistically that did not work. We are planning on having music throughout the day this year and we have already asked people to play. Let's see how the con firms up and see if this is a possibility.

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Vendor tables are now available and we are also including an Artists' Alley this year! Vendor tables start at only $60 and Artist tables start at only at $45. Prices go up June 1st so get your seller's permits and sign up now!



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On 6/6/2017 at 4:36 AM, coronadlux said:

Any news on special guests yet?

We are in the final stages of confirming our first guest and will make an announcement soon. We are continuing to work on getting more guests so stay tuned!!

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Hey all, it's been awhile, so I thought I'd fill you all in on what's been going on. As of now, we have a few guests we are currently speaking with, and we have one that we should be announcing very soon. Please stay tuned for the announcements as they come in.

We are also in the process of looking for volunteers to assist with certain areas of the convention. Every volunteer will get some of the free merch we will be giving out, and registration for the day is free. If you're interested, please send me a pm, and I will keep you updated and answer any questions you have. Once the form is up I can fill you in on that.

We are also looking for an A/V person, so if you have experience in this field, are reliable, and are familiar with general audio/video equipment, we are looking for you. It is a paid position, and pay can be discussed to those that are interested. Please send me a PM. Thanks all.

Last, but not least, we have a new flyer. Hope you guys enjoy!





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So, for those of you who aren't on Facebook, we just added our first guest Reika to the convention. She is a world renowned cosplayer, and is famously known for doing male character cosplay. More guests to be announced in the coming weeks.  sorry if the file is too large. It was meant as a FB flyer ad.





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Hey fans!

Momentum is picking up with events, panels and guests. We could sure use some help so if you're at all interested, please fill out this survey. For you help we will provide SMS level entry which includes tote bag, magnet, t-shirt, and food and bottled water will be available throughout the day. Parking at Torrance Cultural Arts Center is free!


SDC Volunteer.jpg

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On ‎9‎/‎30‎/‎2017 at 5:04 PM, Gabe Q said:

Are we ever gonna get the Hory Froating Head himself to join us?

Please don't get me wrong, I appreciate all you guys do and our guests have been awesome. I just wish Kawamori would grace us with his presence.

It's always a work in progress. We have some things we're working on, but we are always trying to get in new guests.

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Are you attending SDC 2017? If you are and you're a collector or modeler, please read on!

I'm charge of the museum display again once again and we need your help! If you have unusual collectibles, completed models or customs, or any items that have come out recently, please consider offering them for display. WE ARE EXPANDING OUR DISPLAY AND INCLUDING OTHER TITLES!! Southern Cross, Orguss, MOSPEADA, and Megazone 23 will also be featured with your help!

We are all collectors and absolutely respect your valuables. Your items will be arranged for display by you. Alex Avalos or I will be the only one who may adjust placement to maximize efficiency with spacing. Trusted volunteers and staff members will keep an eye on displays throughout the day until you are ready to take them home so you don't have to worry about anything happening to your items.

Our preference in general is to display toys and figures out of their boxes but even if you do not want to remove your items from their boxes but would still like to display, please still consider participating and let me know!

With this con being a new branding, we want to go all out (and blow away the displays in South America!). We'd especially like to focus on areas that were lacking last year so Macross Delta, Zero, 7, Plus, and anything that is new, new, new! Additionally, we want to see your completed models, custom builds, dioramas, etc. Of course, the classics and Frontier all have a place as well so whatever you have that is worthy of being viewed by other fans, please consider bringing them and send me a message or email at SDCDeputyDirector@gmail.com.

When letting me know about your items, please include a photo and/or a description as follows:
SERIES: (DYRL, Frontier, Delta, Zero, etc.)
ITEM: (Ranka Lee emotion style figure, VF-31J Siegfried completed model, postcards, pencil case, etc.)
SCALE: (1/72, 1/8, non-scale, N/A, etc.)

Below is a PARTIAL Wish List. Particularly looking for items colored in the list. If you have unusual items, anything rare and not on the list, please do get in touch. Odds and ends such as wallets, stickers, hand-held games, coloring books, etc. especially wanted!

- Anything Macross Delta related

- Anything Macross Zero related

- Anything Macross 7 related

Macross Plus

  • 1/60 VF-19 Advance
  • 1/60 YF-19 - Arcadia
  • 1/60 YF-19 with Booster - Yamato
  • 1/60 YF-19 variants - Yamato
  • 1/60 YG-21
  • 1/60 VF-11B
  • 1/72 VF-11B
  • 1/200 Variable Fighter Collection - Yamato
  • 1/144 Doyusha
  • GnU Dou Macross PLus toys
  • Revoltech toys

Macross Hi Metal R

  •  Regult
  •  Glaug
  •  Monster
  •  VF-1S Focker type web exclusive (grey)
  •  VF-1S Focker type (white)
  •  VF-1S Ichijo type
  •  VF-1J Armored

Macross II

  •  Evolution Toys VFs
  •  Posters
  •  Bandai Valkyrie II model kit
  •  VHS
  •  Laser Discs
  •  Blu-ray
  •  Book: This Is Animation
  •  Novels
  •  Manga


  • 1/48 Armored VF variants

Macross Frontier

  • Dishware
  • dolls
  • anything non-mech

Character theme: Sheryl & Ranka

Mecha theme: Macross Frontier


  • Complete models
  • Robotech toys


  • Takatoku System Mecha Series
  • Megahouse toys
  • model kits
  • 1/60 Orguss & Nikick


  • 1/35 Legioss: blue, green, red
  • 1/48 TLEAD: blue, green, red
  • 1/8 Ride Armor - Gakken
  • 1/10 Ride Armor - Beagle
  • 1/15 Ride Armors - MeagaHouse
  • 1/18 Ride Armors - CM
  • CM character figures


  • 1/15 Garland: red, factory, army versions

- your complete, built models!
- Yamato / Masei 1:1 helmets



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12 hours ago, frankell05 said:

are artist booths/tables still available if I want to sell art prints?

There are currently two Artist Tables available, one wall and one corner.


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On 10/11/2017 at 9:32 PM, macsam said:

i would love to be there but unable to unfortunately.  

any chance there will be live streaming during the event?

Con Reviews will be on site to stream footage from the con!


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On 10/21/2017 at 8:16 PM, RDX17 said:

Is there a schedule for the events, concerts, etc.? Thanks in advance!

*Edit: There's a schedule of events now up for those interested: http://superdimensioncon.wixsite.com/deculture/events

There will also be lots of things to do there!!


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