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  1. I happen to know the owner of that S13 personally. I'll let him know about this and see if he can get in touch with you.
  2. Another year, Another Successful MacrossWorld Convention. Thanks to all the staff, Organizers, and Special guests for making this happen. It was an honor to be able to display the S.M.S San Diego branch at the convention, and know that the Squadron is always ready to make the trip every year.
  3. The Time is upon is. Roughly two weeks out eh? To the organizers, Will we be doing another timeline display like last year? My Frontier Valks, (especially my Macross 30 ones) are itching to get out of their boxes and spread their wings.
  4. I had to sell my soul to Mephisto for this, but.....if it means spooning Goddesses of war.....
  5. I'm just glad the GM is getting some more love this season as a Frontrunner. Fumina's Powered GM is pretty cool, I was actually in the process of Combining a GM striker and the the Thunderbolt GM, when I saw hers. So I was pleasantly surprised. Also, Fumina and Mirai.....Two VERY good reasons to watch this show.
  6. If and when I decide to make my Order from AmiAmi for the month of october over $400
  7. Hopefully Next year I'll be able to include the Macross 30 Valks as well.
  8. The convention was another big hit this year! Major thanks to everyone, cast and crew that made it happen! Tenjin also came up to me and my friend as we were setting up my Frontier Display (Thanks again Gina!) and said "So much Frontier!" I was so surprised to get a compliment (if it was one...LOL) from him that I just gave him a big grin. (I panicked!) This was my second time Attending MW con, and its quickly shaping up to be one of the yearly events I'll always make time for.
  9. The only item I have in "Gerwalk" mode is my VB-6. Because thats the only mode it looks relatively good in.
  10. Is there still tables to display Members Macross collections?
  11. my god those Initial D diecasts.... are those the Jada toys versions?
  12. I have All Iterations of the YF-29 aside from alto's as well as the YF-30 and the entire Skull Squad in Renewal form with armored/super parts. Nothing on them has been customized, except for the stands. If you need them, dont hesitate to PM me.
  13. wow. im surprised its still being listed....and not sold out no less!
  14. You just inspired me to break apart my VF-0S and give her a once over.
  15. I'll be honest, after posting that incident, I've been too busy with work and school to even call them.....whoops. but technoblue did bring up an interesting point...Last few times I used Fedex all my totals were sub 200 (aside from chronos) and I didn't recieve any invoices.
  16. No they were definitely Yamato. Their old style where you had to detach the legs to transform them. They dont have a scale printed on the box, I just assume 1/72, because they definitely aren't 1/60
  17. I believe it was 1/72. These were off my old DYRL Yamato VF-1S
  18. Glad im not the only one who thought to put a Jolly Roger on the 30th YF-29. I did one better and put Roy's "001" insignias as well, regardless of the emblazoned S.M.S 030 insignias.
  19. Daylight Bulbs and some simple desklamps work in a pinch. Thats what I use... Although, Im different from saburo in the fact I use a white background and a mirrored surface...
  20. I just recently signed up for a Fedex Account, only if to dispute this. Though I dont know if I should. For the record, Nippon Yasan's vague description of what was inside the box was what caused it's delay in the first place. Though I don't know what customs could possibly think what "Plastic Model" means.
  21. Yeah. Specifically the Customs duty and Advancement Fee is what they're charging me for. Doesn't the exuberant fee I paid for shipping and handling of said item cover this? I dunno.
  22. Guys, I have a question relevant to the topic at hand, especially since some of you went the way of FEDEX for your YF-30, and got holed up on Memphis. I just recently got an Invoice from Fedex for Duties, and Customs Charges. Its not a large amount, but it's unusual in the fact that in all my times using FEDEX for importing stuff from shops, I have never once been sent an invoice for duty/customs charges. The one variable was that past FEDEX packages have come through LA customs or california, whereas Chronos Kun was processed in Memphis. Thats one explanation I can think of, regardless of if its right or wrong. My question has anyone else who went the fedex memphis route recieved an invoice? or any Fedex Package that came with an invoice like this? I only ask because I'm just lost.
  23. Is that a tornado pod I spy?
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