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  1. Been anxiously awaiting this one. Just over an hour in and looking forward to hearing your take on all that latest news.
  2. RDX17

    Hi-Metal R

    Holy Smokes! That's awesome.
  3. Hello, I'm looking to part with this Macross: Do You Remember Love? (PS2) - Mail in Promotion; Protoculture Music Card that contains Minmei's Final Message from the SDF-2 Megaroad-01. The card originally contained a battery that would play music when opened, however I was informed that the battery from this one was removed. I haven't tried to determine if the battery was actually removed, but I can confirm that it no longer plays music. The music card is in decent shape considering how old it is, however please note that the mechanism inside the card that would have triggered th
  4. About 40 minutes in and realizing how much I've missed these podcasts. Thanks so much!
  5. Hi-Metal R Collection for Sale - No Longer Available
  6. RDX17

    Hi-Metal R

    That would help keep hope alive a bit more for sure. :)
  7. RDX17

    Hi-Metal R

    Glad to see that the HMR line has future releases lined up, as its keeping hope alive for something Macross related in the future. :)
  8. RDX17

    Hi-Metal R

    Fingers crossed!
  9. RDX17

    Hi-Metal R

    Seems strange not having any pending HMR releases at the moment, even if they're not Macross related. As of October there have been five released this year, one of which was Macross (VF-4G Lightning III). It looks like there were only four released last year, two of which were Macross (VF-1D and VF-4 Lightning III). Here's hoping they've got some good things in store for the future.
  10. Thanks for the update on this year's Super Dimension Convention. Bummed that it won't be happening, but obviously understandable. Here's to next year!
  11. RDX17

    Hi-Metal R

    Cool toys, cools pics, and cool people. Man, I love this HMR thread. :)
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