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  1. afaik the VF-25 at Skytree will still on display! Unfortunately, by March you'll just have missed the 35th anniversary exhibit
  2. Late follow-up is late, oops Seattle meet-up photos are up on Projekt ZeroThree's photography page! https://www.facebook.com/pg/projekt03photo/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1226978720734004 Honestly this meet-up turned out way better than I was anticipating, and even a month later thinking about it gives me warm fuzzies and lots of feels <3 Can't wait to do this again, hopefully next year!
  3. from Sakura-Con 2017 in Seattle! Photo by Prinny Fun Cosplay, edit by me; Mikumo cosplay from Taobao with minor adjustments by me~~
  4. Date and time have been added! April 15th, 2PM at the Cascade Fountains (Washington State Convention Center)
  5. I just finished the first season of My Hero Academia. I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I do, honestly, but now I'm excited for season two next month!
  6. Hey guys! I made the event page for this meet-up https://www.facebook.com/events/636592723198723/
  7. Yay! Hopefully I can make it, since the date was announced much sooner than last year~
  8. Yay!! I'm so excited~~ I'm making an event on FB for the meetup this month also, so that more people will see and hopefully come. It'll more than likely be on Friday or Saturday, since I'm usually heading back home on Sunday.
  9. Hello~! I'm going back to Sakura-Con in Seattle next year, and I'm curious if there will be other Macross fans and/or cosplayers going! I'll be there with my friends and cosplaying as DYRL Minmay and Mikumo. If there's enough interest, I might host a Macross meet-up (the last one I attended at Sakura-Con was in 2011 T___T ) and hopefully connect with more Macross fans~
  10. The finale was fun to watch and entertaining at least, since I went into it with low expectations. However, I can't overlook how many loose ends are still left, when there's no more time to cover any of it. I honestly thought Freyja was going to die in Hayate's arms (and it seemed like it for a moment at the end lol) after the icy crusties on her hand grew larger. I do like how gracefully Mirage lost the triangle, and at the very least THAT was resolved. Kinda glad Lady M wasn't revealed in this episode, too. This late in the series, her reveal would probably have been underwhelming, and the mystery has been stretched so long that I don't really care anymore who Lady M could be. I can say at the very least that I'm kind of glad it's over, and I'm not really sure I want more Macross Delta. I know people so far have been anticipating a movie announcement, but I think I'm ready to give this story a break for a while ^^;
  11. I bought a Sheryl YF-29 kit from a used toy store while I was in Japan last week. The pieces were still sealed in plastic, but it seems like I don't have the correct instructions? I have the instruction page for the YF-29 Alto Custom Durandal, which lacks a clear method of explaining which decals go where on the toy. Does anyone have scans of the instructions from that kit that they can/want to share? Thanks!!
  12. Hopefully once I can find a photographer! I don't live near a cosplay hub like Seattle or LA, so finding others for shoots is quite a challenge;;; thank you!! I'm really excited to be Mikumo~~
  13. late reply is late, whoops I won't be at AX this year, and I'm super bummed!! But I'll be going to Japan next month so I can't really complain. I did get my Walkure cosplay in the mail recently, so I did my first costest for Mikumo~~ I'm not 100% satisfied with my makeup (might do some lash stacking idk) and I still need to fix up my wig, but the Vassen red contacts I got are PERF <3
  14. That. Was. EPIC. Very action packed!! Normally I pay a little more attention to the dialogue when watching episodes raws, but I was so engaged in the action this time around that I barely caught a few lines here and there lol A few things:
  15. Just started watching my shows of choice for spring season: -Macross Delta (yaaaas) -Space Patrol Luluco -Ace Attorney Still waiting on premieres for Kiznaiver and Twin Star Exorcists, though. And of course, working through my Crunchyroll queue and catching up with older shows. Almost done with One-Punch Man; started Your Lie in April (bracing myself for FEELS galore); and still chugging through Macross 7. I'd like to start Psycho-Pass soon, but that probably won't happen until I have more free time this summer lol
  16. Wow, those are awesome edits!! *0* I've seen some of his photos before, but I had no idea he had cool images like these in his portfolio Late reply is late, but I wish I had been at Sakura-Con last year to see you in person! Your costume looks great I haven't had Macross cosplay photos taken for a couple years, but I'm hoping to complete a new Sheryl costume and maaaybe DYRL Minmay within the next year, maybe Mikumo and Makina, too! Sheryl was the first character I cosplayed when I started in 2009, and she's definitely my fave <3 photos by Elisha Terada Photography~
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