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Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV


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i finally have something to add to this thread :p

i started building my family in the shape of different gundam models, choosing the model that best fits their personality.

i here by present my son as a gundam

that looks like a Tallgeese kit...

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Getting more balanced lighting now.

Note how the stern lights are dim, that's from so-called colored fiber. Doesn't work. Need to stick with clear fiber.

It looks fine. Mix the coloured with standard and you'll get a more realistic look. Not every view port will be as bright that way.

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I think I have most of the Southern Cross Armor, but no mecha. A couple fo those SC flyers are framed on my wall.

That crab looks cool! Get me some butter!

The fiber is coming along great Arbit. Just like the doctors say, more fiber is better!

And Derex is in the lead for most prolific Macross World Modeller of 2016 (even though most of it has been Star Wars - we still accept you man)! - MT

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I'm no pro but if I could find some of the old Southern Cross kits, especially the red Bioroid, I would totally take a whack at them.

I have the red Bioroid, it's the 1/48 SOL Bioroid Seifried Weiss kit. I started it 14/15 years ago and never completed it :wacko:

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Tonights progress.

Tomahawk LED Lenses poured for the Beam Cannons and Searchlight.


Then test wired to make sure everything works so far.


Thats about 1/4 intensity...

And primer paint on the nails...

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Bench drill press and the diamond needle point on the Dremel. The one on the left in the photo.


With the Diamond bits you need to have some throw away metal as well, I use an old flat blade screwdriver. you have to run it against the tip every time you get a build up of melted styrene otherwise the accumulated styrene will start making bigger holes and also flinging off and sticking to things on the part.

Then if its needed I use the cutter.


I then clean things up with an Xacto knife to deburr the holes.

You just need to have the dremel on a low speed to chew and not melt and a steady hand to avoid the cutting tip "walking".

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VF-0 work. I'm not awfully concerned about making this one perfect… rather, I'm using it to improve my skills before I build the "priceless" kits.

:) I practice on Gundam kits. Those things are a dime a dozen and my feelings are not hurt if I screw em up.

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