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  1. superb work, great job on the paint and very nice weathering... looks great
  2. very nice work, coming along nicely... the paint ,looks great
  3. they look great, very nice job on the schemes and some nice looking decals....
  4. fantastic work!!!!! very nice job on the scheme looks great very nice job...
  5. fantastic build looks very nice indeed, great job on the finish....
  6. they both look great, nice job on the sv though and nicely weathered...
  7. fantastic looking build, very nice job on the paint looks great...
  8. that's great thankyou very much for all the help just need get the other one sorted then can build them both..
  9. not sure if its from anything but thought was cool when saw it.... all know is its a 1:48 futch resin kit I think nick jardine was behind it
  10. jus putting final touches to this one. hope have finished by end of today..
  11. the VF-25 seems to be a studio starforge kit. but still unsure of the VF-4 the VF-25 is on the left
  12. sorry for some reason seem to of duplicated????
  13. no idea on the make of the vf-4 as had no box etc... will try get a pic up but cant seem to get pics up on here???
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