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  1. Shipping was free. Model was expensive - 357$
  2. I've got mine last week from ebay. Shipping time was no longer than two weeks. It's huuuge!
  3. Do you ordered Valkyrie to private warehouse or just waited? To Germany and Slovakia they have normal EMS shiping option but to Poland still FedEX and DHL. Strange...
  4. They wrote me an email with info that only possible ways of shipping it to Poland are FedEX and DHL. Or private warhouse and waiting till EMS will be possible...Damn...
  5. Lucky you, for shipping to Poland I would have to pay twice the model...no kidding
  6. What happened to this Valkyrie? Burned up a little during atmospheric deceleration or was operating over Ruhra? As much as I love weathered models , it should be weathered with a little common sense...
  7. Indeed. Actually I'm comparing YF-21 to real life YF-23 to see what can be done to model YF-21 out of this. And there is a 1/48 YF-23 :D
  8. Dear sweet mother of all mecha...This is just wrong...I can't stand it. Model for 340$! Unpainted! No...please no...
  9. Does anyine has it? The one from mine was lost on a model show.
  10. Little update...First round of PSR is almost finished. Hole for head is prepared and head itself is ready for mounting.
  11. Hello! I'm just before my wedding but also it's about time to make an update There are two PE panels for cockpit. Seat is from Monogram F-105 and front panel from Su-22 Converted engine section: Thrust-vectoring elements from SV-51 with additional exhaust PE parts: Fuselage as it is now: Wings cut to shape:
  12. Hello, Few weeks ago I saw very nice photo of polish attack airplane - Su-22. Look closely...she has similar movable wing parts to VF-0 Phoenix. Which lead me to idea...how would look polish veritech fighter? I don't know if there is any veritech fighter with one engine. I don't think so. I will modify Su-22 to make it two-engined looking I bought this set: I'm going to use a lot of spare and kitbashed parts. I hope I'll be able to show you Macross face of Su-22 Wish me luck
  13. Thanks guys Pilot is 1/48 and bottle is 1/35. I had no other option
  14. Thanks for all comments I have Hasegawa carrier crew on the bench. I'll use them. I tried to convert him from sitting in cockpit to standing near Valkyrie but no success. I have no idea. I don't have any Yamato Valkyrie.
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