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  1. I've found a drop or 2 of Tamiya X20a thinner brings them back to life.
  2. I've got an assortment of springs that would probably work if you give me a length & diameter I'll see what I have.
  3. Long time customer. They every now and again have some hiccups but by & large they're my go-to for overseas purchases.
  4. I will admit this has taken a lot of pressure off me. I no longer have to worry about motorizing anything and my idea for the cockpit will be much simpler. Still trying to argue my way out of adding buttloads of details.
  5. So more Macross. And Max loves BIG models. Really loves them. *whisper* 1/72 injection molded MONSTER!
  6. so I've got to ask, have you ever cruised RB Models looking @ barrels? https://www.rbmodel.com/index.php?action=products&cat=c_bm&sub=35B
  7. アキヒラ does some pretty extreme kit basking. Beautiful stuff.
  8. Dude... So frikken cool. Awesome. Wild and awesome. Man I want to go paint something...
  9. It's a running joke. Can't remember why exactly but large containers of pressurized cheese just seem funny. A friend is going to have a largish pipe running to a spaceship he's building that'll be labeled 'Warning Pressurized Cheese".
  10. Best I can do is the Facebook album https://www.facebook.com/robb.merrill/media_set?set=a.10208187556785981.1073741858.1213577182&type=3
  11. Industria Mechanica's production of Kallamity's Breigel. Scratched a new gun, vents, smoke launchers. tanks, and right shoulder armor.
  12. The putty? You can still wet sand once it's dry.
  13. Which is why you never have your eye in line with the wheel. Even with a steel cutting blade. Had one too many close calls myself.
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