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Big Jim's Jeep (Mospeada)

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Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've posted any builds on this site. I think the last was the 1/60 scale drone from Macross Plus....it'll resurface one of these days!

My current project a 1/10 scale interpretation of Jim's jeep from Mospeada. At this stage, it's simply a MDF mock-up. I'm hoping to finish it up by the end of the weekend and get started on the actual piece next week. I'll eventually offer this as a kit. I hope you enjoy.

More soon.


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Thanks for the encouraging words, Guys.

I'll be beginning work on the pieces next week. I

Since the jeep measures nearly 17.5" in length, weight will be an issue. I'm entertaining casting the chassis/bottom half of the jeep in fiberglass resin. I'm working to make it as light and strong as possible while maintaining rich details. Also, I'll be designing it as R/C friendly as I can for anyone thinking of a do-it-yourself conversion.

More soon!

p.s. Lookin forward to seeing that Fuke custom!

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Thanks Troyness.

Here's another small update. I know wheels are not all that exciting, but ya got to have em!

These are the basic shapes for the tires, wheels and hubcaps (before details are added). The tires/wheel halves will be molded, cast and joined to form the full{symetrical} shapes. Tread will then be applied then molded once more.




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Sorry for a necro rise post.


However as 1/10 & 1/12 arent that far apart. Curious did this get finished?

Or was kits offered from the wooden masters? As I think this could possibly work with the 1/12 Sentinels Riobot. 


Just curious as be great to add to the 1/12 figures or tackle it slightly smaller and more accurate.


I have some 1/10 vehicles and aircraft that work perfectly well with 1/12 scale figures. Hence why I ask.

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I did ask Sentinels if they planned to do this "jeep with the 3 remaining characters as a set". The reply was "forwarded on your suggestion". 

Till we hear i guess scratchbuilt will be the way forward or kit is made by someone.


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