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  1. Another golden age "tangible NFT" Action Comics #162 from 1951.
  2. Another pick up. World's Finest #66 1953!! This will be the last golden age comics I buy raw. (Restoration & color touch is rampant in golden age comics raw) Pick up my UV flashlight next week and see if there's any color touch....if there is gonna reduce the value by $100s ... fingers crossed. From now on just gonna buy CGC slabs with golden age. But this comic has beautiful dark colours for it age & looks amazing in person!!
  3. Arrived in the post today!! Rare late golden age Detective Comics #174 1951. Beautiful dark colour ink strike. This comic has been out of the sunlight for most of it's life. Text ink transfer from the inner front cover bleeding through the yellow on the cover... but with the ink/pulp paper used back then, I can live with it. Besides it's Batman throwing a fight in the boxing ring, hilarious
  4. Perhaps it was mis -transformed when in fighter? Is there a gap behind it's neck in battroid?
  5. Love the chunkyness of it ....but after all the advancements in toy engineering over the years the legs still can't do a full squat & wings still can't retract. I don't see enough there for me to purchase one.
  6. The elephant in the room is maintaining a secret identity with current surveillance tech as soon as they step outside. A Batman movie set in the 1930's or a Spiderman movie set in the 1960's would help future audiences suspend their disbelief & except that a masked crime fighter would be able to keep their secret identity.
  7. World's greatest detective but he insists on revealing the lower half of his face. Turning up to crime fighting clean shaven. It's like he wants to get shot in the face.
  8. Just acquired this beautifully coloured , late golden age Detective Comics #189!! After a dry clean this cover is really gonna pop.
  9. Picked this up raw. After a clean & press, hoping for a 9.4
  10. Didn't know where else to put it. But I'm looking forward to getting the FEXT spiral staircase. Only bought one set, was sold out the other day but back in stock. Might pick up a few more to scale upwards. Gonna look great with my mafex Knightfall Batman in May!!
  11. It's a shame mezco didn't sculpt Robin's green shoes to come to a point at the back ankle profile.
  12. It'll be interesting to see how the vinyl holds up after moderate posing on the ASM figure.
  13. Just finished season 1. So far pretty good!! I hope a satisfying end is the same conclusion I come to. U have a point. I just happy to have a break from Hollywood. Really enjoying a lot of foreign films and TV series.
  14. Just getting through the first season of Dark. A German series (2017) Creepy music, atmospheric build. Fleshed out characters. Non spoiler context: past, present & future happens simultaneously. If U want a break from Hollywood schtick... check it out.
  15. The wired cloak seems not strong enough. At least from this review.
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