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  1. waw, Fascinating!! at last some good work on Southern cross mecha! I'll be watching you guys!
  2. waw, that's my mecha lineup size chart!! long time no see it... well, i can say that the orange one my friend is the invid overlord from the video game "invasion" and the "prelude to the shadow chronicles" comic books, That version is piloted by the regent himself in the last battle against Breetai!!!
  3. WAW, que bueno, un foro en español latino. Veo que andan unos conocidos por ahi.... Estan super wenos los trabajos chiquillos. Felicitaciones.
  4. the side view of the vf2ja appears In the ova number 2 or 3.
  5. waw excellent pics Akim, like the front view of the naked Ariel!!! do you have more of this kind of settei pics????
  6. OOHH MY GOD it's true!!! waw, congratulations and please... keep going til the end!!!!
  7. Akim, about the picture of the buggy, where do you get it??? That's Lancer's buggy, very cool pic!!
  8. OOHHH MY GOD!! very good work!!! Congratulations and please keep going til the end!!!!! More pics more pics!!!!
  9. Got my book 2 weeks ago.... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES, I miss that things in the book and i can mention the Colonel wolf's full body lineart and some lineart of Ariel, Carla and some secondary characters like Rheinhardt and sparks . Maybe they are going to be in a possible second book!!! :D (I hope!!!
  10. YES... definitely awesome!!!!!! BUT PLEASE, MORE MORE MORE!!!!! THANKS BOYS!!!!
  12. OOHH The devil's advocate....... OK, i understand so, Seto forget i say something. BYE!
  13. Seto kaiba: Are you busy yet ? when will i get those scans of the this is animation 10 southern cross ???? Please!!!!!
  14. Hey nidaram, are you involve in the new generation saga sourcebook too???
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