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  1. I just wish they had gone 1/18th with this line. I won't be buying as really Do NOT need to start a New scale HAHA
  2. Have to say INBIT.S would be Bloody Marvellous. However I have no idea if Sentinel Actually listen.
  3. Maybe waiting till this one was Released? Covid slowed down a LOT of stuff this could be another casualty?
  4. never a Bad time. This planned for a 1/12 and 1/18th scale STL file release? Or just personal?
  5. I Cannot Wait to have the four Team member join my Rag Tag TEAM
  6. NASA have announced Yesterday an Asteroid/Meteorite heading this way. HAHAHA You just had to jinx it. My moreso concern Are the Politicians, as the world seems full of Very Dangerous Self important Politicians leading Nations to Disaster as it is. Still Post May (in case slight delay) all goes "tits up", least we will Have our Houquet. My Boys Are all waiting on her arrival. Now she is done, hopefully Sentinel will start on reusing the figures with alt colour suits and paint jobs to give us other characters from Mospeada Genesis Climber.
  7. My 6 inch Custom O.D.S.T. aka 1/12th Scale. With WCT/Jazware HALO SPARTAN from the SPARTAN Collection. Warthog is the Mattel one for the 12" Master Chief. Woefully Under-scale for 1/6th. However Seat boosts and Perfect for 1/12th Scale. Mongoose is the RC one. Works perfectly well with 1/12th scale.
  8. Classified GI Joe FIREFLY with his Custom Twin Articulated Rotor Pack System aka T.A.R.P.S. I designed and Made. Done three T.A.R.P.S. so far. They have articulated Flight arms for control. They have rotating ROTOR Fans. Fans can be secured to the sides for transport/storage. Also a Four Point cloth strap and working Buckles Harness system to secure the 6inch figures too.
  9. 1/6th THREEA Judge Dredd. Has a GREAT Range of articulation. Also Made him a Lawmaster bike comic style too. Comparison of ThreeA 1/12 Dredd and Lawmaster with 3A 1/6th Dredd and custom Lawmaster.
  10. My 6inch MiniMe (bald beard red flannel shirt) and with some other 6inch Friends too. All the 6 inch Flock heads are customs I have Made
  11. Well My Mezco MiniMe just got something totally unique. Back in the 1970s/1980s we had the 12" Palitoy Action Man 12 inch figures. Loved them as a child and Do still have a few. Well as you know I do these 6 inch Flocked Head Mezco customs. MiniMe is a sanded down Bald version. So I had a fellow Action man Fan make a Box that scales for the 6 inch MiniMe in the Palitoy ACTION MAN style. The Sides have some of 6 inch Mezco Custom flock heads I have done. With Front and Back being 2 different shots of MiniMe. Really think this is Awesome and totally something unique for miniMe too.
  12. All the figures are MEZCO One 12th Scale customs. As you can see I opted to make these Flock Head Joes/Action Man/Gyperman/Falcon types. My "Pocket Adventure Team" aka P.A.T. The bald, bearded, flannel wearer is My MiniMe. This is His Adventure Team "RAIDERS"with a unit bar called the "DRAGON'S LAIR". Initially was a small team but It Has somewhat Expanded in Personnel LOL
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