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  1. Hey guys, I recently finished trying to clean up an image, scanned from a kit I have, of the Blowsuperior. I cleaned it up the best I knew how, so maybe I can get a poster print or something. I've always been fond of this cover art, and figured some of you may be interested. The White japanese writing in the top left isn't spot on, I was trying to get it done quickly so its prob not 100% accurate, but I'm happy with how it turned out. Hopefully one of these images shows up lol!
  2. Holy screw!!! That is ridiculously awesome. Like Nash said, I'd love to have the ability to do something that complex. Will be watching this for sure.
  3. I think I have most of them, I just think it'd be cool to have some that don't transform, that way transformation doesn't become a factor in the looks, like bigger heads, etc to pull off the SD look. Still nice little suckers tho.
  4. Yeah, I do think I remember seeing his custom somewhere, pretty sweet, from what I recall. Sounds cool. I saw the body you're talkin bout, looks really nice. Good luck and don't forget pics
  5. Lol. The red clothing, from the waist down, irritated me. I'm a lineart kinda guy when it comes to that, You'll probably laugh, but I took a damn permanent black marker and colored those suckers Never did it with the blue cloth, since its not so distracting, would still like to tho. The Fuke custom you plan to make, would it transform? I built mine to stay in cycle mode, wasn't too difficult that way. I've had a Beagle Blowsuperior custom sitting on the backburner for, God only knows how long, pain in the butt to make sure things transform properly and all. I've recently started working on it again tho, hopefully I'll finish it
  6. Sweet, thanks for posting.
  7. Really! I'd love to see a pic if you by chance come across it.
  8. Man, That Gosu is the bomb, not sure if I dig the metallic paint scheme tho. I'd love to have some enemy mecha figures or models. Seeing those pics of the SD Macross battroids on the front page, makes me wish somebody would make some SD Mospeada mechs and Inbits. Took a few pics of some of my Mospeada stuff. I've got some other stuff, so limited on room tho. I got these cases from Ikea and put in some led strips, I've got 2 more cases to build, then I could put a few more things out.
  9. WOW!!! Awesome job!! Even did a head sculpt. I was working on one of these, but I got sidetracked, by so many other projects. How long did it take you exactly? Customizing takes too long, especially when you don't have that much experience . I think I got a little overwhelmed, trying to do so much with it. I can't wait to see the Bartley!! Damn, I need to work on that thing some more, so I can have one of those fine lookin things
  10. Thanks, I am tryin to make a Yellow version of the Beagle, I haven't had that much experience with using plastic styrene and transforming parts, etc. I know alot of the parts and things I've made have probably been made the hard way, its just takin forever and I get frustrated sometimes. I am makin pretty good progress on the Megahouse Bartley tho, since I don't have to fabricate nearly as many things, because of model kit parts being swapped in.
  11. Nah, its just a custom I made from one of those Imai transforming kits from years ago, and is in permanent bike mode. A little project I have picked up, is makin a Bartley Megahouse using parts from an Imai kit I had. Its scale is almost a perfect match for the Megahouse. I'll take pictures sometime to show where I'm at with it.
  12. Make sure you add me to the list, ya missed me 1st time around
  13. With some of the skills you guys have, I'd like to see someone attempt making a Devastator custom. I think I'd crap myself. I'd try it, unfortunately, I cant even get myself to finish my Blowsuperior custom, its so hard to make the parts and such, and doesn't help that I did no pre-planning, plus I'm lazy
  14. Nice, I am down for one set, maybe several more depending on final pricing and such. I thought those CMs figures were a nice idea, but was kinda disappointed, when seein them in person.
  15. WOW!!! I'm gonna keep my eye on this for sure. Looks great!!
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