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52 minutes ago, kalvasflam said:

Is it possible that Scar Jo can milk a BW2 out of this if successful?  Cause, why not.

Why not indeed?  They could get it scripted, cast, and prepped by the end of the year, shot and edited next year, and then...


...delay its release until 2026. <_<

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They really are milking this connected universe, with the end of credit scene.  

The good


Making fun of Romanov’s pose.  Ha, that was classic.  Easily the best part of the movie.  It’s offered a connect back to her origin story. At least no massive CGI fight, thank goodness.  Red Guardian prison scene, kinda funny.

The bad


The villains were so boring, another hidden organization with plants all over the place… oh, and it’s not Hydra.  It would have almost made sense if they were Hydra.  And no continuity, the ending just kinda fizzled out.

The ugly


The Romanov fake family back story, and how they came together, seriously make me want to puke.  I want to see the nasty, ugly side of black widow, and instead we get a human interest story.  See, this nefarious organization do these nasty things, but let’s gloss over that and do fake families.  And the ending with Ross is just so unsatisfying, how the hell is the US military in Russia with the sec of state?  Did Natasha sweet talk old Ross to let her go, blackmail him, fight her way out?

this story line felt a lot like they were trying to do a female version of Winter soldier, and it just falls flat.  They could have done a much better job with Widow’s back story, basically potential wasted.  Like Solo stand alone in the anthology series.

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Like others have pointed out, this was okay to bad, with a small handful of good moments.

Wasted potential really is the theme here. Great cast, some really good acting (Scar Jo and Florence Pugh were outstanding) but the story/plot...yikes.

AND this might be one of the only end-credit scenes that actually annoyed me. I'm fine with what Marvel is doing from a connected universe perspective (there's a lot of potential there), but I'm not stoked about this particular setup.

Kind of a bummer because I was very excited to have a new MCU movie to watch. Hopefully Shang-Chi and Eternals (really looking forward to that) are much better.


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I actually enjoyed this one. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely a fun movie and the family thing was entertaining. It’s not quite as serious as Winer Soldier, but not as goofy as some of the others. It’s not a big thinker film though. I do think this should have come out sooner, by a few years though.

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