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Captain Marvel, in theaters Mar. 8, 2019


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I don't know who any of these actresses are you people are posting about except for Katee Sackhoff (who I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY DO NOT WANT.)


Edit to add, if you haven't seen Edge of Tomorrow it's well worth your time (IMHO).

Hell yeah! If anyone seen Edge of Tomorrow, they'd cast her without a second thought. Kick ass!

Exactly, she was amazing in that - acting ability and the ability to handle action.

It'll be interesting to see who is actually cast and then even more interesting to see the various reactions to that choice.


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Katheryn Winnick is on History's Vicking's and she's pretty badass on that show too.

I don't know who that is but after a quick google search she does have a pretty good look when compared to Carol Danvers. I don't know about her acting chops, but then I rarely watch movies/TV so what do I know.

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I don't know who Captain Marvel is nor do I know who these actresses are. Does this mean I'm uncool or cool because I don't about such things?

No. Carol Danvers and the actresses mentioned in this thread are no different than any of the other millions of hot chicks in fantasies or walking around on this planet and are just as forgettable...

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J Law for Captain Marvel!

Too trendy.

I'd say Katheryn Winnick

Oh yeah, she'd be good!

or Katee Sackoff

No thanks. I've never understood the appeal... she looks like a 15 year old boy to me.

Amber Heard gets my vote!

That could work, I suppose.

In that case, I guess Hayden Christensen will do.

See Katee Sackoff ;)

Emily Blunt

No. Just because she can do action doesn't mean she's a fit for Captain Marvel.

Yvonne Strahovski.

Now you're talking! Yvonne gets my vote.

Just cast Lucie Wilde and call it a day.


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^Honestly, I wrote Emily Blunt because (1) she can act and (2) she can do action - pretty good credentials when thinking about casting a comic book movie.

I don't read Captain Marvel and honestly know nothing about the character so I have no opinion on "fit" for the character with regards to Emily Blunt, Katheryn Winnick (who "looks" more the part going off of the pictures posted than Emily does) or the other serious suggestions.

Eh, either way I'm sure whoever is cast will cause more yays and nays from our members. :lol:


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Carol Danvers can be anyone. The character doesn't have to be a "type", that's sorta the point. I support Emily Blunt as suggested casting because she can truly act and can do "convincing" action, which is a far cry from throwing some dumb Hollywood flavor-of-the-month into the mix and watching half-assed waifu (cue Wonder Woman). I also happen to think Blunt is an entertaining actor.

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The only 2 shows I remember/know Katheryn Winnick from is Vicking's which she has a major role in and is pretty good in it. Strong and fierce when she needs to be but still can convey emotions when the script calls for it. The other show was Bones, she was Booth's hot reporter girl friend for a while.


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