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  1. Anyone else noticed that Goro's face looks like the Mark Ruffalo Hulk??
  2. The Mortar Headd designs are so intriguing. I bought a resin 1/144 Engage years ago that I never successfully built. I wish these kits were more builder friendly like Bandai's kits. Could you imagine a Perfect Grade L.E.D Mirage or the K.O.G??
  3. The only thing I don't like is the shape of the chest vents. It would look better if they swapped the chest vents around with the shorter end towards the outside.
  4. How much per figure? I've got several 1/100 and 2 1/60 figures.
  5. Do you or would you take commissions on painting pilot figures?
  6. I was going to binge the entire season in one day but to find out it will be a weekly release was disappointing. Also I wasn't expecting Stormfront to do what she did. Damn...
  7. Chapter 4 hasn't even come out yet. lol
  8. Where did you preorder from? I think I'll preorder on the P-Bandai site when it comes up. They'll have the limited Unicorn mode box art.
  9. I wish Bandai (or 3rd party) would sell the beam magnum beam effect.
  10. I have/ had plans to add LEDs to my Unicorn build but that might not happen anymore depending on how the MGEX will be. I for one am excited and happy about this reveal.
  11. Does anyone else think it's lame that Homelander isn't strong enough to lift a plane?
  12. Nothing more than a line art of the head so far. It's supposed to be a culmination of all the Gunpla Evolution Project "points" from other kits.
  13. If you're a fan of the RX-78-2, I would wait for the Perfect Grade Unleashed /2.0 that's coming out.
  14. I would say so based on the Nu. The Ver. Ka is leaps beyond the original.
  15. Definitely not what I was expecting to be announced but I did kind of wish there was a WZC 2.0 after building the RG so I guess I got my wish? lol Also the HiRM was all janky in the looks and quality from what I've heard. I hope it is going to be an all new kit because the part separation of the head in the 1.0 (which is still in my backlog after 10+ years) is bad.
  16. Here's my latest work. Full LED HG Unicorn Phenex. More pictures.
  17. The RG Tallgeese is a solid kit. No floppiness like the earlier ones. RG Tallgeese
  18. It would be cool if they made a cockpit for people to sit in. A cockpit in the Unicorn would be freaking awesome.
  19. One down side to spray cans is it is less efficient than airbrushing so there's a lot of "wasted" paint especially with small parts. Tamiya just released a line of bottled lacquer in all the spray can colors.
  20. I like to do my painting with Tamiya lacquer spray cans. It's fast drying and durable. Very convenient if you don't want to setup an airbrush and spray booth.
  21. I haven't watched any episodes yet but what is the origin of this "baby Yoda"? Obviously it's NOT Yoda but another of his species right?
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