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  1. Man when is Mafex going to release a Red Hood? I know it's just a matter of time.
  2. The very obvious seam lines really detracts from the aesthetics.
  3. badboy00z

    Hi-Metal R

    God I wish Bandai would actually produce the YF-21 and YF-19. I wouldn't even mind if the 21 was a partsformer that could give us a slim fighter mode and beefy battroid mode.
  4. Saw this the other day and thought it was awesome.
  5. Hell you got a better deal. If you have no attachment to it at least you can sell it for more than what you paid for it.
  6. Yeah that's the joint.
  7. It's not the gerwalk or the hip joints. It's the rotation joint right above the knee.
  8. Is there a way to tight the thigh swivel on the Arcadia VF-0S? Mine will want to do the splits in GERWALK mode if I don't have the legs at just the right angle. Plus my desk doesn't provide good traction.
  9. I bought a bottle of it and most of it has solidify in the bottle. I can still squeeze and liquid comes out though. Is there a way to liquify it again?
  10. LET'S GO Tsukinukeyou Ze
  11. Now THAT is freaking awesome!! I was kind of expecting the VF-31 to launch. lol Maybe the modeler can use a spring loaded mechanism on a track inside the launch deck.
  12. Got my Fire Valk from Mandadrake! Ordered 2/25, shipped within 24 hours and got it 3/2 so 6 days from when I ordered. The box is in excellent condition dispite the description on Mandadrake and the figure itself is nice and tight. It might as well be new as it came with the plastic wraps and the manual was still taped to the underside of the box. Also picked up a few retro carded Spider-Man figures at work (Walmart) today.
  13. badboy00z

    Hi-Metal R

    No but just trust that any new info will be here when released.
  14. How did it go for you? Was it the ball & socket joint or the pivot joint or both that was loose? The right side pivot joint on mine is too loose but the screw or plastic is striped so the screw just keeps on turning. Is there a way to remove the screw without damage?
  15. That's a good point. I might just settle for the HMR for now.
  16. I love the VF-19S "Blazer" Valkyrie design and Yamato did a great job capturing the anime look. However I think Bandai's DX YF/VF-19 overall is superior to Yamato/ Arcadia's YF-19. Personally I don't like how wide and flat the chest is on the Yamato/ Arcadia YF-19. I love that it has the rotating cockpit and opening hatch gimmick which the Bandai lacks.
  17. Is there a general consensus on what's the best lighting for detolfs? Also do you guys put more than one 1/60 scale Valk on the same shelf in dynamic poses?
  18. How fast is their processing? Meaning from time order placed to shipping?
  19. Alright, I clicked the English button on the top corner and able to get to a different shipping info page and used my registered info. Thanks!
  20. There were other new ones listed for over $1300 on Ebay. Bandai's YF-21 is vaporware at the moment.
  21. I've never used them before. How's the experience shipping to a USA address? Edit: Seem like I can't enter my USA shipping info at the check out process. I was able to when I registered.
  22. I've been buying my Valks on Ebay and the seller of a VF-0S I've been looking at countered my $400 offer with $550. I'd hate to get it and then Arcadia decides to re release it again.
  23. 10+ Years late in getting these. Managed to get the VF-19S new for $512 and the YF-21 used for $390. Now I just need the Fire Valkyrie.
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