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  1. Somehow I lost the ventral fin for the Vf-1s. Is there anyway to get a replacement via 3d printing or a spare someone has?
  2. This is Tom Cruise we're talking about. He probably went and bought his own F-18 just so he can do his own stunts. The real question is how they going to work in a scene of how him running
  3. ICE-T: They call it Protoculture. It's a mix of Ranch dressing and marijuana. Guy takes it and ends up running around saying that he's Scott Bernard, and looking for Rick Hunter.
  4. The first one was a worldwide blockbuster?!
  5. The evil within 2 Also Bethesda 's E3 was kinda lack luster. Also new Wolfenstein
  6. Anyone see the teasers during Mr. Robot tonight? http://www.comicbookmovie.com/anime__manga/ghost-in-the-shell-teaser-videos-offer-up-a-first-look-at-footage-a145342
  7. 19" and upGaming , video watching None that I can think of. Still have to get my main HDD and mouse replaced
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