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Mo-Suu-Pii-Dah Inbitoh in 1/48--Part Deux!

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Captain, how tall is this Blueberry Crab? I guess to the top of the cannons?

See message 203. I always measure to the highest point (top of the cannons.) You will feel its might (and heft) just as you pick up the box :lol:

Also, I finally have the shipping numbers, so you'll need this to make your final payments.

-Canada/USA: $30.00 USD (up to 2 kits)

-International: $55.00 USD (up to 2 kits)

Shipping is a tad steep, but then the kit is roughly double the weight of one of my regular kits. For anything else, my PM box is open :ph34r:

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Guess I'll have to, since posting in the thread didn't seem to have caught much attention.

Yeah, I figured that was the payment request seeing as I hadn't heard from you. Paid a few days ago. :).

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The thread post was an obvious payment request, but I was going to wait until after April, regardless. And with that being said, payment has been issued. King Crabulon von Gurab awaits his Prime Minister: Gamo the Enforcer...

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So, I got home from work today to a case of the crabs... a blueberry space crab, that is. ^_^

Seeing all the parts in a picture in a thread does not do this monster justice... it is massive! :o

Capt'n, will you be posting instructions like you did for the Gurab?

Edit: And more thing, John... no rest for you; time to get started on a Ligaa. :p Or Gosu; I'm flexible... ;)

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