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  1. that's weird because i have a different person print a smaller version (7 inches tall) and we have the same issues. i had to MASSIVE sand almost all the parts. how come 2 different people have the same issue? anybody who has print these files have this scales issues? any advice from anyone would help
  2. i commission one to be printed, there is some issues that need to be address. please look at the videos for the issues mentioned.
  3. UN MARINE, i bought the files for the your joke sdf-1. i give the file to 2 persons to print it and both persons have issues. both persons have told me that there is no clearances, this leads to a LOT of sanding also there is too many areas that need support which is never good. my main questions is do you have any update files? some in where you address these issues? i believe i bought the files like a year ago
  4. where we can buy or download the files for this SDF-1?
  5. i just bought the file, can i print it bigger than 9 inches?
  6. pipe holder, any news on the file release of your SDF-1 joke machine? we haven't heard nothing from you in months
  7. dude, stop with the teasing and let us get the files. just kidding you doing an amazing work!!!!
  8. any chance you could make the main cannons a bit longer? they always appear super long in the series
  9. ok, i'll be waiting anxiously for it. from all the SDF-1s 3D prints i have seem, yours is the best one!
  10. ok, global pipe holder. when this will be available for sale? can't wait to print my 5 feet tall SDF-1!!!
  11. ok, where can i buy the files? or can you print it as well? how big this baby can be print?
  12. oh thank you! i was going over the papercraft plans and this cut wasn't making any sense to me
  13. nyankodevice, do we really need to cut this part? (look at picture)
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