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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

The countdown has finished!

Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV


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Hey guys. Some nice stuff going on. Particularly loving the chicken walker.

I've been working on a pair of Ki-43s over on another site...applying some salt chipping and other details. I'll just show one with the most progress.


Some Panel Lining.






Paint coat.




Kinda where I'm at now... needs a few more details and its ready to go. I added more chipping by painting on with Gunze and added the exhaust.




Thanks for looking.

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Next up...a little Darth Tie ... This is a really simple little kit, only drag is you gotta mask the solar parts on the wings if you want to paint it properly, which I do....I guess...lol. Also I noticed your only canopy choices are no windows with frame only or mask and paint the clear one. Fail. Thanks Bandai.


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Fantasic work on the gerwalk!

Do you have a blog or other place i can check out your builds and get some inspiration?

Hi, thank you all for watching my pictures.

I've just created a Facebook page, I will upload pictures of my builds there, there are a couple of them already.


Let me know if the link works, if it does, please give it "likes", I hope to make a proper web page any time soon. hehe.

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Progress is still progressing:


Never thought that 6 1/144 scale kits could take a while to build. And I haven't done anything with the launch bases yet!

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I've noticed lately that I haven't finished a single kit in 5 years! Unless you count a 1/144 RAF Tornado I mostly finished to give to my 6 year old son.

Love living vicariously through all your projects, guys. Keep posting!

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Mixed a custom blue grey color for the Darth Tie and got it laid down this morning. No drama there for a change! :D Found a cool color of spray paint for the Death Star base as well. while at Home Depot. Only thing lacking now is masking and painting the black solar wing panels. Joy! :lol: Cant decide if I want to clear coat this thing and do a Pro-Modeler's wash on it or if I want to leave it un-panel lined. Lots of nice crisp lines and details from BanDai on this kit. Arguments could be made from both sides..hmmm.. :mellow:




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Awesome scratch building GMK.

In a similar vein, here's my latest fictional tank variant, I call it the Bull Tiger.

It's a standard Tiger II with a chopped down hull (about 7.5mm I'd guess), some horn-like rear hull extensions (just for looks), and a modified turret.

The turret is likewise slightly lower profile and I've narrowed the front and rear angles, as well as extended the turret sides rearward a bit for even racier lines.

Overall, it looks pretty sleek, and is barely taller than an M4 Sherman's hull. I know most modellers are primarily interested in accuracy, which this pisses all over, but I have to say, this is one of my favorite armor models I've ever completed.



Might as well show you how it was made:





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Lots of great stuff guys; been vicariously living through your builds most days lately! I've been burried in schoolwork doing the full-time student thing. Hardly any time to have fun.

I HAD to build something to calm the styrene withdrawls, so my son and I pulled out a Gundam Xeku Eins and built it up together without any frills and seem filling. The only detailing was as a lesson and with a modified micro-tip Sharpie pen. No finish on it since my son's now playing with it! :D - MT


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That's pretty cool and it does look rather sleek. It's sure to blow some armor minds wide apart!

Mine is finally getting closer to done. Needs some more paint and cleanup before decals, but she's coming along!

what class Star Ship is that? Looks similar to Miranda but the very front of the saucer section looks different..

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It's the /1000 Reliant model. I cut and inset the front of the saucer and grafted pieces of the torpedo pod onto it.

The rollbar has been left off, and I scratched a new set of nacelle pylons.

Oh! That looks great! Nice work mate! Im a big fan of the Miranda class starships! In fact i watched The Wrath of Khan just the other day! Such a shame to see such a beautiful ship get blown to bits..

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Now I really feel like I'm getting somewhere!


3 more left to final assemble, then 6 launch bases to build and figure out how to display.

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1/20000 SDF-1 Transforming Custom

This is some fun I had with magnets. Cut and sliced up the little SDF-1 from the Nupetiet kit.

Now on to painting...





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