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  1. Tank you for your business, you're a nice buyer to deal with, I'm glad the Regults arrived fast.
  2. Hi guys, I'm selling this Macross figures and model: 2 Hi-Metal R regult - SOLD 1 Arii Glaug 1/72 model kit, many pieces cut and presented together, some glued, some not, complete, box shape 8.5, $110 shipped with tracking number.
  3. After the surprise attack, it´s time to emerge from the ground and hit them, it´s time for some payback Wallpaper made with my hasegawa and bandai scale models. I hpoe you like it guys, feel free to share, I just ask you to give me credit by linking my facebook page Please visit my macross page http://www.facebook.com/ArquimiaModels
  4. Hi Guys!! I want to share with you my personal Macross page, where I upload my Macross scale models, wallpaper made with my hasegawa models and other beautiful models. http://www.facebook.com/ArquimiaModels I hope you enjoy and share my albums and pictures Thank you
  5. So, Premium Finish just has a wash to accent panel lines, paint dots that glow in the dark or with black/UV Light, maybe some post shade, some colored lines on the surface, sounds like a simple extra painting, wich I can do way better. I PO the standard SDF-1, I'll so repainting and detailing it when this is in my hands, my scale models page needs a photo shoot of it.
  6. Maybe I'll get this and make my own premium edition by repainting it and adding details. I hope they release it by the end of the year or by February.
  7. Cesar Enrique

    Hi-Metal R

    Aarrgghh!! Look what just happened!! The support acrylic rod that connects the base with the Glaug's ass is broken, and I barely touch this toy, I just moved it to take some photos, the thing is heavy and tilted to the front when standing on the base, and when I took it again I saw this. Who have this toy? Did it happened to you also?
  8. Thank you. My custom Scout is almost done. I started this project almost 2 years ago and finally it's almost ready to be painted. Here is a test fitting of all sensors, they're not glued, just pinned, so some of those might look misaligned. What do you guys think? Should I add, adjust or change something? All critics are welcome.
  9. I sculpted the antenna for the head of my custom regult scout and then I casted it in resin, now I'm doing a test fit, what do you think guys? The lenght of the supporting pole is OK? Or should I make it shorter?
  10. Thank you all guys,,! It's tak8ng a little more than I thought, but it's looking so good. It is the old arii/bandai 1/72 Regult.
  11. Hi everyone! Good news for all of us, someone who runs a company named Return to Kit Form bought the masters of the most desired and iconic kits from John Moscato, The Regult, all variants, regular, missile launchers and scout, so they are back right now, molds are being done and the list for pre-order is open for all regults, so you can order yours right now, here is the link, the more you guys join in, the faster we get those kits in our doors. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1871495339767907&id=1664024260515017 We've been waiting this chance for years guys, there won't be another chance.
  12. Go to Facebook and search for "return to kit form" page, he bought some masters from Moscato, right now he's releasing all regult kits, you can order those kits right now.
  13. Details added to my kit conversion. I love how it looks. We're almost there
  14. Slowly but surely getting there. This will be a beautiful custom piece.
  15. Guess what is this! Huge modification and scratch building, it is almost ready to be painted.
  16. I'll wait for the Regult releases, they are awesome sculpts. I'm glad regults are being re-released.
  17. Be warned everyone!! Some years ago I bought that vf-4 kit from monsters in motion website thinking that it was an excellent price, once I received my kit, I was very angry because the quality was horrible, very very old molds, lots of bubbles, bended/warped pieces, fuselaje parts would not fit without a miracle, I wrote to MIM and told them they should not be selling such a horrible kit, they should have more respect to their customers. You should not buy it from them, but if You want to do it, please share your review here once You have it, Who knows? Maybe they have New fresh molds.
  18. I love to watch and do dirty Valkyries, and I love your Valk Mintox.
  19. Nicely done. It´s very sad that this kit was limited edition.
  20. I´m glad I didn´t buy this before at full price... 35% off offer in HLJ http://hlj.com/product/ACA82127
  21. I'm confused, are we getting a 1/72 wave vf-4 kit or not?
  22. I love this model, I had to cut the legs of the pilots for making them fit into the cockpit as well. Very good work Mintox.
  23. Great news! I have a resin model of it, it requires a lot of work, I need to replace the thrusters for option plastic ones, resculpt some parts from scratch, custom decals, custom canopy, and even with that, a plastic model kit will be far superior to the resin kits, thank you wave for taing the lead on this valkyrie. I just hope hasegawa comes with this model in 1/72 or 1/48, I didn´t bought the arcadia, as it is an expensive toy, and I just want the fighter mode.
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