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  1. Don't read e-books of any type. Anyone got any insight or answers to the actual question?
  2. Recently re-watched the original series, and I still enjoy it after all these years and who knows how many watches later...I'm thinking of finally taking the plunge and reading the manga. But, uh...what's up with the availability? Anyone know where one could get the series for a reasonable price? For the "3-in-1" consolidated version, Vol. 1, 4, and 5 I can pick up for $20/each. Vol. 2 and 3 are no where to be found. I've seen complete sets for $300+ but that's insane. So... 1) what gives with the rarity of those volumes? 2) anyone know where to find the manga series?
  3. Anyone have any insider info on what's up with the MEPTOYS invid scout and shocktrooper? It was due to ship in December, then I gather there was a problem with the pre-production proofs that had to be addressed...but I ain't heard nothing. No email, nothing on their website, nothing on Facebook... I emailed them last week asking for an update, but haven't gotten any response. I'm wondering if I should contact my c.c. company for a chargeback?
  4. Those are going for $150+ now? Yikes. I want these trading kits because they are small, and I might be able to use it in a wargame. The Cosmo Fleet one is...too expensive. Why does Bandai hate Gundam spaceships so much?
  5. Got a model-finding query for the experts here. Does anyone have any idea where one might find non-blind purchase options for the old (series 1) Gundam Mini Kit Collections? I'm really trying to get the Ra Cailum kit, but everything on Ebay was blind buy, and didn't see a thing on Y!Japan... I figure someone here might have a lead I hadn't thought about. This box: with this kit: Appreciate any help...I'm close to buying a set of 12 boxes in the hopes of getting one...and that's just stupid.
  6. Maybe I'm crazy but the Brunhild is about my least favorite of all the Imperial warships from the original series. I might still get a model of it if available, but I'd rather have any other non-Alliance ship really.
  7. 6' = 72" 72/350 = .2 so a six foot tall person would be 0.2 inches So average person would be about 3/16th of an inch
  8. It's probably the longest of longshots...but I agree with WWWMWWW. I'd pay a hefty price for the re-imagined legioss and dread2.
  9. If that's 11" overall, including barrel that sounds pretty spot on 1/35.
  10. The saucer looks like it's not parallel with the nacelles? Is that a trick of the camera or is it really droopy? And that "aztec-ing" is really heavy/dark. Looks more like digital camouflage than the subtle effect I'd expect...trick of the lighting I hope.
  11. Maybe one of you car collectors can point me in the right direction for finding obscure/OOP subjects. I have (or, had, pre-covid WFH) a nice themed desk display going with 1/43 pre-war race cars. I really want a 1927 Napier-Campbell Bluebird, but the only thing I can find on the internet is that one was made a while ago, but I can't find any for sale, and don't know where to look for 'em (aside from eBay). So far I've got: Mercedes W125 - Grand Prix racing Bugatti 57G - Le Mans Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 MM - Road racing (mille miglia) Sunbeam 1000hp - Land Speed Record Bentley Speed Six - Illegal road racing (blue train) Mercedes W125 w/twin wheels - Hill climbs (grossglockner) I'd like to add/swap in the 1927 Napier Campbell (which briefly held the land speed record), but have pretty much given up on finding one. Any advice? I wouldn't mind picking up an ERA or Delage to represent voiturette racing if anyone knows if those exist in 1/43? Ooh, ooh, and a front-wheel drive Miller for pre-war Indy racing would be perfect...
  12. I picked up one of those 3rd party mount sets that has it up at an oblique angle and set it on top of a bookshelf for a while. Then I took it apart and gave it to my cousin's kids because I don't love the Falcon enough for the space it took up. Well, that and the non-locking roof panels were a pain in the ass with the display angle. A slight bump and they shifted out of alignment.
  13. That has to be the Gazu-R/L, right? Nothing else has bent shoulder spikes that like that from ZZ
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