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Character Art Appreciation Thread III


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Found these Minmay ones I havent seen before ^_^ ..

Just in case -- as there is usually some confusion -- the top pic of Minmay is done by Mikimoto, but the second one is done by Hideaki Shimada from Artland.

The Millia one I've not seen before, it looks like it was fan-made on photoshop, but it is in a different style to BoB's works.

EDITED because I put my text inside the quote box, somehow :wacko:

Edited by Renato
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Lord Butt-Tai & Exebeavis


Butt-Tai: We're like uh here to claim a ship or something uh huh huh huh

Exebeavis: Yeah yeah heh heh heh you will surrender to us or you will die!

Incredibly awesome!!! Almost makes me wanna flash animate it and add some Beavis and Butthead lines to it.

As for the Milia pic, damn, that's a HOT pic!!! It could be colored just a tad better, but it's a very nice job.

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