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  1. I'm still hoping we'll see Matsumoto involved in the production.
  2. So the movie will be the first two episodes? That's pretty interesting. I'm guessing in that regards, that we'll be getting the TV series after that. Could be quite a wait if the film is out in April. Hoping it'll still be sometime in 2012.
  3. I'm interested to see now what the show will do in it's final stages. After that, i have the prequel material to watch. Will do so straight after i've finished.
  4. Currently listening to some pieces from the second soundtrack. Sawano is truly out doing himself here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMRsRbOLr4I
  5. Very hyped for Skyward Sword. Will be buying a week after release because that's when payday is, so that week wait will be very painful.
  6. Upto episode 84 of my Legend of the Galactic Heroes watch. The past few episodes were very painful to watch. Feels like i've lost a family member.
  7. I had some problems with Mass Effect 2 (would randomly crash) and Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 (wouldn't load a mission) a couple of weeks ago. A friend told me to clear space. Did that and Gundam seems to work fine for now, though i never went on Mass Effect 2 incase the problem happened again. Nothing worse then playing so much of a game to lose all that memory. Sure i could keep saving, though that takes all the fun out of the missions. What are the chances that it could be the copy of the game?
  8. I 100% approved of this even before seeing the trailer. I love these games, and find that a film adaptation would be perfect.
  9. Instead Sheryl would be a reverse-trap, which in some cases would be much better.
  10. Working on the side missions in Sonic Generations. Totally worth it to unlock the classic BGM's from Sonic's 20 years. Getting S rank on some of these missions is going to be a pain.
  11. Thanks for the help guys. I'll purchase the complete blu-ray boxset at the end of the month. I'm highly looking forward to it.
  12. Alright guys, I've been told by many people to start watching this show. Was going to read up on Wikipedia, though I'd like to dodge spoilers. Where shall I start? I see that It's pretty cheap to buy these days, so I'll go down that path.
  13. No name because it didn't appear on the official soundtrack release for the movie. A huge shame, i know.
  14. I highly agree with this. Sure i've only played about 20 or so hours on the second game because it keeps crashing on me , but personally it never lived upto the experience i had while playing the second. Fantastic game. & agreeing with that's been said here already, Sonic Generations is fantastic. Played for about two hours, and i can easily say that Generations is satisfying. It's everything i hoped for and then some. Even if the main story won't take that long to complete, i don't see anything wrong with that. It's basically the same with the original series that we all fell in love with, though here there's a number of reasons to go back and replay these fantastic stages. Having a hard time deciding on my favourite stage. Speed Highway is easily up there though, along with Chemical Planet. Both look absolutely stunning, especially in modern Sonic gameplay.
  15. Sonic Generations is released here tomorrow. I'll be running at super sonic speed to the Game shop after work to purchase my copy.
  16. Guess any chance of a larger field map would be in a full PS3 version. If it'll ever happen.
  17. If you wanted to see Basara develop more, then it should have had more songs. & of course, i voted a yes. I love the guy, though wouldn't go as far as to have his babies.
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