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  1. What is the general theory on when a new Macross Series will air? Is there any hints on what a new show would be about? What are the chances of us getting macross home video releases such as frontier?
  2. Any word if they are going to do what Gundam Age did with its bluerays and put english subs on them? And is this amazing or what? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVGFy3V7a7I&feature=player_embedded#!
  3. We could reason with them though and communicate. These are brainless bugs.
  4. From the perspective of people caught up in the ONSLOUGHT of lives, I think they have every right to wipe these things out. If I am in the woods I am not going to kill a bee hive just because it is out there. But if there is a hive by my house that effects my family and their safety then you can be sure that hive is going to be wiped of the face of the planet. Whos to say if they don't kill the queen on the home planet, that ranka or sheryl can be minding their own business singing at another concert when these things come with NO MERCY slaughtering everyone trying to "rescue" the singer. I don't understand saying "oh there just bugs" meanwhile your wife is getting eaten and they just bit through your leg.
  5. I don't know if this has been discussed already but one thing really bothers me about Frontier and I want to know if anyone else feels the same way. You see in Frontier the Raja are evil bugs that have KILLED COUNTLESS amounts of people. Sometimes they where provoked, sometimes they where trying to rescue ranka, sometimes they where just passing through and wanted to make a ship their new nest so they just kill everyone. Their bugs. Well what is up with the end of Frontier and the movies where all of a sudden these bugs are not bad the whole time? In the movie they where like just take the transmitters off so they will be good...Oh no they will still kill you because they are evil bugs. I don't know this whole thing really bothered me about that series and felt like if they where going to make these things good they did not do a good job making them look like they deserve it. As Ricko's Rough Necks from starship troopers says "The only good bug is a DEAD bug.:
  6. The ending sure was kind of sad. Also am I the only one that can not stand sheryls singing? I feel bad about it because it is so dramatic and important but to me it sounds like a cat dying.
  7. For a 480p quality and a smaller file. Go to. http://www.wupload.com/file/1385292306
  8. I did not understand any of that. If this sub group will not work for me then will someone share the links to another sub group?
  9. Dang my 2007 computer can't handle this 1080 HD video. It gets all pixelated as the computer is trying to keep up. Anyone got a 720 or 480 quality of this?
  10. What is the difference between these two? How are these subs are they any good?
  11. Man I almost forgot about this movie. It has been almost a year since I watched the movie and series. I am excited to see for myself what the love triangle outcome is and what suttle changes they made to the series are. I also am interested in seeing what the outcome is Michael and Klan Klan are in this alternative movie take.
  12. Nothing destroyed them Hikaru and Misa have a ton of kids populating a new planet on a far away galaxy. They must have crash landed and lost their comunication system with the UN Spacey Fleet. But they lived Hapily ever after.
  13. Does the second movie go into anymore detail about how and why sheryl knows rankas special song in the first movie?
  14. I have never heard of Shiba Midou and I looked him up on wikipidia. It said he is the "Rumered" iligitamate son of max. But I can not see that being true. There is no way Max would cheat on Milia.
  15. Does anyone know if they toned down the fan service from the last movie in the second one? I thought they had too much in the movie and it was not as bad in the series. I also did not like the shyrel vampire scene from the first movie. Did that happen again?
  16. They need to just go ahead and make a whole ova about max milia and their kids.
  17. Thanks to all that went to see the movie in Japan and kept it alive for us on the other side of the planet. I have been very anxious to see the outcome in this series. Still very excited about seeing this one for my self when it comes out in a year. But now that my questions are answered I can bare the wait much better.
  18. I remember when pokemon the first movie came out here in the states. The line was out to the street. It was the most I have ever seen at any movie.
  19. It does show both Ranka and Sheryl in a wedding dress singing a duet and I don't remember seeing that one before. I puts a connection with the poster of alto holding an unidentified women in his arms.
  20. My favorite Mecha podcast just released an episode with a review of the first Maccross Frontier Movie. You can download it free here. http://gundamnmahq.blogspot.com/2011/02/gundamn-mahq-ep-071-false-and-forgotten.html FYI they also have reviews of every episode of Macross Frontier as they where airing, which you can search for in their homepage. They also review all the other series too. They do the other series as a whole in what they call Macross roundup. Check it out it is a great listen.
  21. Celebrate Macross in PlayStation Home Watch some classic anime episodes and get a sweet SDF-1 personal space item http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2011/02/13/macross_ps_home/
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