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Character Art Appreciation Thread III


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post-7862-0-69579200-1301019685_thumb.jpgMikhail and Clan...

got to admit, that's quite cute... ^_^



and so is that!! oh god, ♥Kawaii♥ i LOVE her darling sweet sincere little expression♥ ^_^

is there any higher-res/larger version of that to be found anywhere? she is such an ♥Angel♥

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I guess I got spanked for posting my question in the wrong place. :(

Anyways, looking for the source of this picture here.



Looking for a hi res scan of this pic. I know it came with the Hasegawa 1/72 Minmay 2009 Special Decal set, if anyone has it or a different source, I'd be mighty obliged.


It's also the center piece of the 2009 launch day poster. ^_^

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only one complain that spoils the pic as being of a model kit: the wheels. the bottoms need to be filed slightly to give the impression of carrying weight evenly. it's impossible to tell of the VF-1 because of distance, but the wheels being perfectly round on the surface (plus the uneven aligment of the outboard wheel on the port mainmount). just remember that when your making pic dioramas. other than that, me likes (though a little liting from the VF-4, to show that its powered, perhaps a few moments from launch?)


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I don't know if this qualifies, but this is probably Risa Ebata's first major artwork outside of the Frontier saga:


(From 『Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica』 Special Fanbook (Megami #135 2001-08))







Even though it is about mahou shoujo,

but there is no magic-related transformation or incident happening,

the happiest thing is to live everyday ordinarily.

I ended up thinking

I would most like to see such scenes (lol).

-- Risa Ebata

IMHO, working on Frontier honed her skills to a finer degree, which shows nicely in that pic. Lovely.

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I absolutely love this pic. One of the best I've seen lately. Thanks for finding it.

Your love of the pic wouldn't be influenced by the shapely derriere of the Meltran soldier, right?:p

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