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  1. This is unauthorized upload without regional block so better watch it fast before it gets taken down.
  2. Happy Birtyday Minmay! There was a lot of teasing of your return in the new Delta movie. But in the end, it was just more Kawamori trolling. Hopefully old Kawamori will be like old Anno, and bring everyone back for another day out in the sun!
  3. Minmay Birthday Plate, cake and Basara's line for Minmay birthday.
  4. Happy 27th Birthday, kiddo! I will celebrate by whaling on the Minmay Birthday Gacha in UtaMac, and get nothing to show for it. But it's ok, because birthday is only once a year.
  5. Welp ran into Egan Loo and some of the MWF podcast/SDC crew at Kawamori Expo. Also saw them at the halls of the LIVE. Everything was great (surprise guests, meshup) except for the weird Macross 7 remix, which was literally putting people to sleep (Sharon Apple was there after all).
  6. So much homage to the Gunbster series finale. Giant bomb to destroy alien threat. Currently generation aging and steadfastly waiting for the return of their heroic friends, while building a new future by teaching the new generations. And finally, the protagonist pilots returning to Earth as two spiraling specks of light. Someone break out the microscope, there must be a microscopic subtitle of "Gunbuster III" somewhere.
  7. Girl won't be born for another 5 years. But she will grow up to be steadfast leader of the tactical sound unit, Walküre. Uta ha Inochi and Happy Birthday, Kaname!
  8. Happy Birthday! And thanks for bringing hope and joy to so many around the world!
  9. nanoplasm

    Uta Macross!

    Rank up your account by playing. That's about it. Also it's like any skill based activity, practice make up for lack of talent.
  10. I have 3 extra tickets for the walkure performance on May 13. Selling them at cost. Event info here https://aniuta.co.jp/pages/aniupa2018 Please contact me if interested.
  11. Youtube blocks too much content due to concerns about CRI. Any game video with macross music is instantly blocked. Please allow video embedding from streamable as alternative site to upload video for sharing with community.
  12. nanoplasm

    Uta Macross!

    Zero-G Love event just started. Here is the video of Minmay in her new costume. With giant Tuna cameo. Also, the notes spell "Zero" "G".
  13. It's still in multiple theaters across Japan, since Feb 9th. In Tokyo, 6 cinema are still showing it.
  14. nanoplasm

    Uta Macross!

    Dude, that's the data corruption fix / redownload. It's not the save to cloud function. Click on that box, and you will see the option to store to FB, Twitter or LINE.
  15. nanoplasm

    Uta Macross!

    Dude, that's the data corruption fix / redownload. It's not the save to cloud function.
  16. nanoplasm

    Uta Macross!

    You can pack it up from the old phone to LINE, Twitter, and/or FB. I think the English Wiki has a step by step walk-through. Note the menu location setup has changed a little.
  17. Macross Delta was planned to focus on the Walkure idol group, and everything else is tacked on to support Walkure and not to take over the limelight. Mirage in Walkure outfit is a cute crossover/spoof and nothing more. Just like if Minmay is seen dressed up in a flight suit, no one should be expecting the story to take a detour arc with a Minmay as a pilot. Delta also has too many "important" character. There are 5 singers, 5 pilots on the "good side" and even more pilots on the "bad side". And you have the commander and politicians. You can't expect each character get their own arc of character development. Mirage will never become a primary asset for Delta, she is just a supporting character. Again, the intend of the Delta is that they want the viewers to like the Walkure, for their songs, for their character. Everything else that's in the series are just support for a flimsy backstory. BTW, I felt Mirage got a lot of screen time in the movie, maybe not spoken lines. But she was presented as the "other" ace pilot of the final battle. At the risk of claiming it's ripping off Frontier, Mirage reminds me of a lot of Brera Sterne (maybe her ride is purple and all).
  18. They can recycle the material once every generation. And there is only so much original ideas out there, eventually you have to revisit old concept.
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