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  1. Just found out that there are new robotech comic. I never did like the art style of the robotech movies but at least this cover art looks better than I would of expected from robotech.
  2. I am the only one that thinks the design of the VF-31 looked terrible and that the Sv-262 looked good only in fighter and gerwalk? Wasn’t a fan of the whole idol thing but maybe they'll do metal, soul, blues or even rap/hip-hop this time around. Hopefully the next series will focus on a pilot in the military instead of one in a PMC. It would be great to see Itano and Mikimoto be a part of this new tv series as well. Here’s hoping the next entry in the series will make us fall in love with Macross all over again.
  3. 2016 was one disappointment after another. Here's hoping they never revisit this story again.
  4. Why didn’t Delta squad deploy multi drones prior to Messer showing up? I'm going to be mad if that blood spatter isn’t his blood but a paintball from when he was doing mock battles.
  5. I believe she is presumed dead. I know that its a long shot that she is even still alive but she the most logical choice considering that she is an expert in the field protoculture and the V type infection.
  6. The Music continues to be the weakest part of this series. At least the love triangle is starting to pick up steam. Every single episode so far feels as if a couple of minutes were cut out. The pace is moving way too fast. I do wish the valk scenes would stop being so repetitive. There is no longer any sense of danger. It's quite surprising that they haven't develop an antibiotics to combat the Vars. I'm starting to lean towards that Lady M might possibly be Mao.
  7. Doesn't deterrence still work in this universe. Shouldn't the Kingdom of the Wind know that it is suicide to attack a colony that is a part of the NUNS. Considering the NUNS most likely surpass them in firepower and manpower. The Kingdom of the Wind must have some type of secret weapon in order to stand a chance. Imagining holographic Tupac joining Walkure in a fight against the Var syndrome would be an epic sight to see.
  8. Those apples keeps showing up more than once, I wonder if there is some message behind it or am I just over thinking it. It feels like one of Freyja suitors is most likely one of these Aerial Knights or at least thats the vibe that I got. Is there a possibility that the Aerial Knights worship the Bird-Human? Why would they waste energy on powering nonessentials like holograms, wouldn't you want to wisely focus most of the drones energy powering its shields as much as possible. Wouldn't it be dangerous to put on a show in the middle of a on going battle since it might attract civilian unless the Walkure also function as a safe zone. In order for the Walkure members to achieve those crazy acrobatics they need some type of EX-Gear, maybe those belts that they wear functions as one. How is it that purple hair girl was able to grab on to the VF with ease without dislocating her shoulder, even with a EX-Gear it has to hurt. Shouldn't the Aerial Knights be wearing a flight suit. There is no way that the blond haired pilot was able to get a decent look at the skull emblem considering how fast they were both going especial since both pilots were going at high speeds in opposite directions. Overall I say that the episode preview is decent. Hopefully they choose to release a double episode instead of just one when it starts airing.
  9. I should of lowered my expectations a bit. Really didn't like the male character designs. I'm not digging the female idol group vibe. But at least they're doing something different and the SV-262 looks sexy. I wonder if it's still a love triangle. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
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