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  1. I.....never thought..... in all my years....nay, in my lifetime......That this would happen.... for over 20 years.......waiting.....hoping.....it's so beautiful.....the pulchritudinous of it all.....😭
  2. That and, even Delta's songs, were...eh. Yeah there were a few that were good, but not anywhere near as good as MF, let alone M7. I think I enjoyed MII's music more. Delta, that one song, every time I hear it. I think of Toni Braxton. And when I do hear Toni Braxton, I think of Delta. .....Also that Earth, Wind & Fire song. Same thing. Unchain my Delta
  3. As do I. Hell I even attempted to track down the ending version of Yakuso. Since it seems different from the album release. As well as the English version of Mou Ichido. Good times.
  4. I can honestly say, Delta was the first Macross series to disappoint me. It could have been so good, no, it should have. It had the potential, but......
  5. Jesus. The funny thing is.... you mention being in your high school computer lab class. That's were I was also! In my high school computer networking class for Cisco. I can afford them now as well. But.....well.....responsibilities, and also the reason I dissapeared from here for so long. But soon.....soon.....
  6. All I want is a chance at a perfect transformation YF-21 with fast packs at a reasonable price. Every time I see one go up on auction or something they want damn near a $1000. I want one really badly, but not $1000 badly. I hope some day, maybe I can get one, especially now. Although I know it's not likely.
  7. Thats a dick move. I also remember that. I was in high school and was eagerly awaiting the release of the Macross Plus toys. They were advertised in toy fare magazine or something like that during the time. I was of course disappointed that they were "canceled", because of HG. Thus starting my long lasting distrust and hatred for HG.
  8. I hope this will also possibly open the chances of Macross games coming over as well. Would love some of the PSONE/ 2, 3 and PSP games re-released on switch and ps4/5 ect. Imagine, if they "accidentally" found those western psone copies of VF-X2, in some old warehouse.
  9. Ugh. Why does it have to be on twitch? I dislike twitch.
  10. Not long term amusement JBO. Just passing. I liked the novels too....Until I found out that ROBOTECH and Macross were entirely two different entities. Also, my reading of the novels ended with the first novel of the sentinels arc. I just could not read anything more after that convoluted mess. And it sounds like I dodged a bullet there, before I invested any more of my time and money into it.
  11. I find it somewhat amusing and comedic, that this feels seemingly plausible. Especially with what Seto just said. And remembering how much you detest the Robotech novels. It still kinda does seem to unintentionally tie back to "End of Circle". It's like "End of Circle", is finally coming to full circle. This is made more funnier to me. When I remember what you told me when I accidentally and unintentionally triggered your Robotech Novel PTSD. "All you need to know about the last book is that EVERYTHING IS MINMAY'S FAULT FOREVER." I still remember JBO. I still remember!
  12. Thats good to hear. Sounds like I don't have much to catch up on. And thanks for the heads up.
  13. I was being facetious Keith. Also, it's been awhile. Good to see you.
  14. Not once, did I ever think I would live, to see this day..... Now I got to find a place to preorder my official US release of the series. Also, on a side note. I for one, cannot wait for HG newest series comming out that will expand, broaden and build upon the "ROBOTECH" series and mythos. Launching it into newer story lines, which none of us have ever seen(unless you have been a Macross fan). I can see it now and can not wait for the announcements of: ROBOTECH: Do You Remember, Zor? ROBOTECH Zero ROBOTECH Plus ROBOTECH 7 ROBOTECH 7: The Invid is Calling Me ROBOTECH Frontier ROBOTECH Frontier: The False Masters ROBOTECH Frontier: The Last Sentinels of Goodbye ROBOTECH Delta ROBOTECH Delta: Passion of the Invid Queen
  15. Well, I shouldn't be surprised about that. Guess we'll have to wait amd see if they make a masterworks book on it. How about VF-31 Siegfried/31B Kairos. How are they different? I know the B is supposed to be a beta fighter, but does that mean its a test type? It throws me off, since I would think it would have a "YF" designation. And how does the newest Valkyrie on the block compare to others as well as the Windermere Drakens. It still gets me, that even how awesome the YF/VF-19 and the YF/VF-21/22 are old when we come into Frontier with the Messiah and Durandal. Now we have the Siegfried and Drakens. I guess am just an old die hard YF-21, VF-22 fan. I loved going to the macross mecha manual and reading up on the info there, but it only goes up to Frontier. Okay. That makes logical sense now. My head can accept that. Do we have any more info on the accidents, or was it just a blurb on the technology evolving? Or maybe both? Sounds like Miss Milliome, is doing her part to help humanity recover. Vanessa must have a heart of gold, and a very understanding husband (Especially when one used to date your wife), to let them crash at their place.
  16. So it's a case where a emigrant fleets own design/derivative showed promise, and made the UN Government take notice. Did Macross 30 give any info on the Perceval's stats/changes when compared to the Frontiers Durandal? I would assume a lot of the anti-vajra weaponry was taken out or improved/changed to deal with other more common threats, and engine upgrades. Yeah. I obviously don't have an eye for detail. I missed all that. Still thank you though for dropping knowledge on me. Was it ever explained/retconned as to way fold faults were never mentioned in Macross Plus or Macross 7? I know fold faults were introduced in Frontier as a plot device for the series, but it seems contradictory from what we see in Plus and especially M7 and Dynamite. They were folding everywhere in the series and I was wondering if they came up with a logical explanation to integrate fold faults? Jesus 11 kids! Did she and Vanessa marry their Zentran spys (sorry I can't remember who they paired off with in SDF)?
  17. Max in his VF-22, made M7 worth sitting through all the times planet dance played. With that said, do we know of any emigrant only/made VF's that are out there that may exceed what the UN Government has, like possibly the VF-27 Lucifer, or the YF-29? Jesus Seto, your knowledge makes me feel infantile sometimes.... Whats the difference between a regular fold and a zero-time fold? Just how sparse is Earth's population at that time? And now in current time? I thought the UN Government started a mass cloning program and encouraged couples to (uhhhhhh; well to be blunt) "baby make", to rebuild Earth's population? Or was I just imagining I read that somewhere on an old thread here? Hey, it is Basara. He tried to move a mountain with his song. He befriended and improved the proto-devlin's way of life. He almost made out/got to 1st base with a 50ft tall hot Meltran (mmmmmmm... Emilia). He freaking rocked out with space whales!!! There ain't nothing this man can't do...Except stay still. Speaking of Basara and nerfed VF's. What was Basara's customized VF-19 compared to other monkey models, like Docker's?
  18. I'am surprised he's not blackballed/banned to pilot ever again then. That's a complete game changer for the defense industry. That's still feeling it like how many years later? Which is why, too me it felt wierd they wouldn't want to give their emigrant fleets the very be....... ...Ahhhh. Makes perfect sense. I can't help but feel, its like/similar to how American colonialists rebelled against the British in the revolutionary war. There all the way on earth, and the colonies are all in galaxies far, far away. So the idea of being more independent. And not having to check in with big brother all the time and pay their dues, makes sense. What!? Really? Max? What was it alluded too? What were the benefits of autonomy, compared to staying with the UN Government? And was the UN Government bad at providing,protecting and supporting the emigrant colonies, that alot, including some UN Government/Spacy personnel, even supported autonomy? I mean calling it a Second Unification war sounds serious, considering how bad the First Unification wars were.And now that autonomy movement won out, what's changed for the both the UN Government and the emigrant fleets? Sorry. I always see "UN Spacy" plastered everywhere, so I just use it for all branches of the UN Government, even though I know there a branch. I apologize. Man, that sucks. I'd love to see the comparisons, between the full spec and monkey models. Oohh!? Do we have any info on the VF-24 superior technology and capabilities vs the 5th generation VFs? I figured as much. I just hope there happy together. When Shin finally got through to Sarah, I was happy, then saddened when everything happen at the end of the end and Sarah folded. Then left wondering if Shin went to were Sarah was when he folded. Which makes me wonder. How was Shin able to fold? His Valkyrie was pretty much done in. I meant that too. That was her baby. How many different blocks are there? What are the differences/improvements/changes? Mmmmmmmm......Ishtar...... I wish there was a way to bring her into the main Macross cannon. Like how they did with some of Macross II 's songs.
  19. Yes, that he is not only one of the best pilots, but also one of the craziest.....and an adrenaline junkie....Or he just likes a challenge. True. Max and Millia can pretty much rock anything they pilot. And make it look good, even rare SSB configuration! I still remember watching Hikaru piloting a spartan destroid and being amazed that he was able to handle some Zentran malcontents, at a time where I considered all spartans a connon fodder death trap. Oh god. I forgot about that! She was sooo pissed! Her Valk (as well as Max's if he still has his) was a historical pivotal peice of space war 1 history. And Gamlin destroyed it. Is there like an official ranking of the best pilots, when comparing them to the Macross cannon as a whole? I would expect Max and Millia being in the top 5 if not 1 and 2 respectively, but imagine Guld in there to as well as Isamu,Basara and Roy and Hikaru.
  20. Well, at least he gets to....fly? Well, if your going to go out, might as well go out with a "bang".....Like a literal world/galaxy changing "bang". I can understand there reasoning for independent colony fleets, but even those that are NUNS colony fleets, like the M7 colony fleet? Or am I missing something? I was always under the assumption, until Frontier, that all fleets were extensions of the NUNS government, and therefore would have access to all NUNS military support. And not nerfed monkey models. Am disappointed to hear that the VF-22's and 19's were nerfed monkey models, but think of what Max did in his. And then think of how much more bad ass he would have been in a full spec version! Do we have a comparison chart or something that list the differences in the full spec versions of the VF-22's and 19's to their monkey model versions? And on the same note, what was the difference from the regular VF-19 and the Zolan VF-19P? Okay. You guys all convinced me. I was so close to buying the kindle versions from Amazon, but I'll avoid it. Could some entity overide some of the software, hardware downgrade issues like L.A.I? Or Galaxy Fleet? In a small number maybe? I would think there would still be ways around to get some VF's to full spec through other legal/illegal means or customization, pre Galaxy fleets betrayal. Speaking of Galaxy Fleet, did we ever find out what happened to all the civilians on their island? Was General Galaxy part of the Galaxy fleet betrayal, or they had nothing to do with it. They were just a sponsor and had no real control? Because, it was perfect. I now want to hear a Sir-Mix-Alot Alto version rendition of "Big bugs" With everything released so far, are we still in the dark about Shin and Sara. I really wish/head cannon, that they are together happily in love in a perfect Eden for them.
  21. You know.....It's a miracle he got off as easy as he did. So, what makes a immigrant fleet qualify for a "official" model vs a "monkey model"? Where the VF-19's and VF-22 from M7 "official" version? Are the VF-171 "monkey models"? And what is with the VF-171, its a striped down VF-17 right? I always thought of the VF-17 as an elite model from M7's Diamond force. So, I assume after the events of M7, all the protodevlin have went to a far, far isolated part of the universe . That bad....This is like a horrible video on the web. You know, no good will come to you if you watch it, but regret and trauma, but you still want to look. Do we know about Lucy? Do we know if she ended up with Isamu, or dated for awhile? With that, do we know Myung's fate? Or Sharon Apple? She may have turned crazy, but that was do to her program being tampered with and corrupting her. But her/Myung's music (gotta love Info High)was great! Because! Of course he would! Could someone, who knows how, remove those said limiters and increasing there performance. Like on Isamu's 19, or other galaxy platform (monkey model), variants? You sir, just made my day!!!
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