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Character Art Appreciation Thread III


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Yup. It really conveys speed in an awesome manner.

Not sure I'm too crazy about the way Alto was drawn. The angle seems a bit awkward.

The detail is very nice but there are definitely some perspective issues going on, both with alto and the jet itself.

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ok a$$hat. you owe me like 5 mins of breath (because i could not stop laughing!!!) laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

I know I couldn't stop laughing myself almost felt like I was having a heart attack. So to the guy who posted that, if anything happens tome when you post another ultra funny vid on here, I'm suing your butt. :D :D :D

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LOL... Dude... That's called "realistic".

Btw... I just stumbled upon some old and rare Macross production and promotional images... brace yourselves... Macross_art_1b_Hideaki_Shimada.jpg

gotta love Hikaru's green hair and flight harness... HE'S GOT THE GERM!!!!


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