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  1. I thought the song Heart and Soul especially the live variant is very Led Zeppelin with the switching between 12 and 6 strings and the riff just before the guitar solo. Also Holy Lonely Night on Fukuyama Fire has some Deep Purple/Richie Blackmore esque solo and riffing too. In fact does anyone know if Fukuyama has any non macross stuff on Spotify or equivalent?Just started a rewatch of 7 after Delta disappointment. (Just finished a Frontier rewatch). Good to listen to some rock again.
  2. Yes I meant the VF-22 because that would seriously badass. Though of course that would never happen. On a serious note, I can see Frejya pushing herself too far though through her singing and accelerating her aging dangerously, I think her dying or leaving her fate on something implied would help make a somewhat decent ending. I can imagine it'll take a lot of strength of a singer to counter the star singer.
  3. I want big tits to bite the dust due to complications from the bullet wound that should have obliterated her kidney and probs gone out through the other side. In fact just for all of Wulkurie to split up since really only Frejya and Mikumo were the only ones that could do anything... Then I want Mirage to kick all the AKs asses and they can all break wind before kicking the bucket apart from Keith who should have an epic duel with Hayate who should fly in an armoured VF-22. King Baked Beans will die with Ray Bans and then Frejya dies an early death singing too hard to give Hayate super powers. I dunno just let them do anything just leave Megaroad out of it. Or when it all blows over everyone flies to Earth and has some R&R at Lake Windermere in the Lake District if it still existed after the Zens lasered everything up.
  4. It's a plausible idea. The Megaroad did go missing near the galactic centre for which currently the theory is that theres a supermassive black hole in the middle. The way the relativity and time dilation work they could have forewell passed/folded near and had only a few minutes/hours go by but for everyone else 47 odd years. I wouldn't find it bad writing if that was the reason for them going missing in the first place. It's just a shame they're using it at as plot device in this train wreck of a series.
  5. My first bit of Macross was an old Homeworld 1 mod and that was when I was around 11/12 but then I got the Robotech game on the Xbox it wasn't until about a year or so ago I watched Robotech but just the Macross bit the other 2 series seemed rubbish because they weren't anything like the first series. Then found it was a Americanised version of Macross and watched Macross Plus off iTunes then 7 then Frontier, Zero. Now I have every series and movie on my computer.
  6. I thought the whole hypnotising of the end of M+ to be a little silly, and maybe i'm being a bit nitpicky, but how the fact Sharon Apple was able to get a hologram of herself anywhere (and make cables move!) even without any visible source apart from when she appears in Isamu's cockpit. I also wished they'd explained Marge's suicide, what happened to him did Sharon tell him to jump off the top of the SDF-1? Though I thought the fight scenes between the Valk's brilliant some nice choreography there.
  7. Oh snap, I thought I recognised his voice. ^^
  8. I thought Dyson's English voice actor was brilliant, I've yet to watch it in Japanese though. MII's english dub was pretty bad, I prefer Japanese VA because it tends to be better than English VA.
  9. The animation in the trailer looks blomming top notch.. Was that the Quarter surfing on a rock?? xD I want a PS3 now.. I think what was more interesting was it showed what looked like playable Vajra..
  10. Wow they even put decent pups in that guitar, and used good woods. Was expecting a replica but played like crap and sounded rubbish... xD
  11. I'd definitely buy it if it had english subs. I really want to learn Japanese though.
  12. I've read a couple of spoilers but I still have no idea what happens haha.. xD Now just gotta wait 3 months for the release then for a subbed version to appear.. Unless the dvd will have english subs in it? (I wouldn't be suprised if there wasn't)
  13. I haven't seen the 2nd movie, but I can't see it being that important if you've seen Zero or not. You'll probs enjoy even if you've never seen anything Macross before but as long as you and your mate have seen atleast SDF Macross and M7 so you got a grasp of the current story you should be fine. I suppose you can think of Zero of just being a prelude to SDF Macross.
  14. Macross Ace Combat would be totally awesome!
  15. This is terrible, I read this on the bbc site this morning. Good to see the lads on here are safe, just hope others are just as lucky. I wouldn't worry too much about the nuclear stations. The reactors have many fail safes and precedures incase of loss of power.
  16. Dang, that CGI for the Quarter in that picture looks bloody nice... Wish you had a higher res version of that shot, would really make good wallpaper. Big enough for my phone/ipod atleast.
  17. Thats because Harmony Gold are wankers.. But still atleast we got dedicated fans that sub it for us!
  18. Yeah but he doesn't have to talk about the beauty of everything!
  19. He should have shouted "listen to my song!" at the Wolfs. ^^ http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/creed_song_saves_norwegian_boy_from_wolves.html
  20. I think Machael was a great character, was a bit disappointed that we didn't see much from him and Klan relationship wise.
  21. Yeah I realised thats what the speaker pods are for, but I was just refering to the actual speakers on the valk boosters.
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