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  1. Sorry it took a while, These are the "Comand Ally" / "Issue Orders" pictures:
  2. Addendum: See my post above... My second child (5 years old) recognizes the Destroid Spartan as I showed him pictures of the toy over at the HMR thread. He says "that's the robot that slapped the Zentraedi's butt" (on one episode towards the end of SDFM)...
  3. We just finished watching the first series yesterday. A 7, 5 and 4 years old. We watched the ADV "Lacrosse" English dub and boy there were some swearing like sh* and b*t ch. Yes they are too young to be watching this but the two older ones understood what was happening. The youngest kept on saying "Hikaru's in love with Minmay" and "Thats Roy Focker's airplane". The middle child is amazed with and Monster and the SDF-1's first transformation. Then I whipped out the PSP playing emulation of the Macross famicom game and they immediately recognized the in game music "Shao Pai Lon". After a few tries, my eldest blewup his first Zentraedi Boss in the game. Priceless moments.
  4. I know, thanks to the part that attaches the shoulders to the body...
  5. Ouch! I'm glad to be one of you guys here. Thank you sir, may I have another?
  6. Bub

    Macross figures

    Yes, they are lovely. And this... This one's cute.
  7. Bub

    Macross figures

    Got a chance to see these figures in person:
  8. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    Taken almost two weeks ago:
  9. Bub

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Two weeks ago I took pictures of the display. Is the Mirage still looking red?
  10. According to playasia, the fourth option is the "Limiter Release". I haven't unlocked this myself.
  11. Yeah, that was me who posted about this and like what Zoroastres mentioned, it it would be better to PM him for faster reply.
  12. I have a few points and a request 1) On the 5th page of version 0.75, the first paragraph is for the PS3 game and should probably be not included in the translation guide. 2) On the same page, maybe we can mention controls using a PS3 and PS4 controller if the game is being played on the PS Vita TV (PS TV). L = L1 R = R1 Touchscreen (Target Lock On/Off) = R2 Touchscreen (Issue Orders) = L2 3) On page 6, the 2nd "Active Support Skill" should be "Special Attack". And the "Special Attack - Circle + Cross" should be deleted? (This doesn't do anything). I'm not to sure about SP Cost. 4) On the 22nd page Controls Screen picture, D-Pad Right + Select / Share (PS4) is "Remove Fast Pack / Armor" instead of (Change Sub Weapon) AND FOR MY REQUEST... 5) Can anyone Translate the "Comand Ally" / "Issue Orders" commands? I think there are 3 different commands. Again, thank you Zoroastres for the Translation Guide.
  13. I have the "Rune Pika" edition. Right now there are 3 DLCs for this game at the PS Store. I've downloaded the free DLC and the 1,000 + yen DLC. Do I still have to download the 5,000 + yen DLC even if I'm using the "Rune Pika" edition? (I'm assuming that this 3rd DLC worth 5,000 + yen is for the regular game that wants to upgrade to the "Rune Pika" edition)
  14. Bub

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Looks like Bandai is "Arcadiaizing" the color of this release. It looks more red than purple. But then again maybe it was the camera?
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