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    Bandai DX VF-31

    Here are some more pictures from my earlier post from another thread: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=41926&p=1280729
  2. Bub

    Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    Here are some more pictures from my earlier post from another thread: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=41926&p=1280729 A few more pictures of close ups and a view from under?
  3. Bub

    Macross figures

    Here are some more pictures from my earlier post from another thread: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=41926&p=1280729 Pretty boys and cute girls are coming:
  4. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    Here's my Bandai Story: Last sunday, I went to Akihabara to hunt for some Macross Toys. I'm on the prowl for Vintage 1/55s, affordable Yamarcadias and the HM-R, specifically the Glaug. During the hunt, I saw a YF-29 Durandal with the correct "SMS" shoulder print on display. Went to different stores looking for the best priced Glaug. Here are the different prices in yen: 1) 13,300 2) 12,980 3) 11,700 4) 8,000 5) 11,000 6) 12,640 Yep, I found the best price. While looking around I saw the Minmay Plamax on display. Then finally was able to taste the burger from Carl's Jr. (The line has always been long whenever I'm in the area, but not this time). Later that day, I saw an HM-R Roy with stage and a 1/55 GBP-1S Armor. Got a chance to drop by the Tamashii showroom. I tried making the demo unit Glaug stand on one feet without using any stand. I got to talk to the person at the booth and he wrote down my feedback regarding the Macross HM-R line. I told him that there are plenty of overseas fans of the SDF Macross and that they should reissue them especially the VF-1 and hopefully Bandai does and you guys can thank me later. Unfortunately though, I failed to mention about the Max & Milia arm armors. Then it was time to go home. Yes, to the area near Walkure's first mini concert was held. Before departing for the airport, I went to a local second hand shop and a yellow submarine and found an HCM VF-1S Hikaru DYRL and a YF-29 that already comes with the replacement shoulder. EDIT: Then it was time to watch Macross Delta Episode 9, Raw!!!
  5. This time I'm in Tokyo. Unlike last week, I have TOKYO MX and am ready to watch Macross Delta the same time as Japan. No waiting!!! No subs!!! Hahahahahah!!!
  6. Hahaha! Come on, you know I'm joking. BTW, replied PM.
  7. How to get English subtitles. Please point me to the right direction. Thanks!!
  8. Dogfighter from SDFM. Like Zentraedi's reaction to Minmay's song. Well not really in pain. "Macross 7 did it. But SDF Macross did it first." Heheheh, I always wanted to say that.
  9. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    Like the first Hi Metal-R, DYRL version of Hikaru's Armored VF-1J. I don't see the point of Bandai releasing a "TV version" of Hikaru's Armored VF-1J if they're going this route.
  10. I'm in Osaka right now and there's no TOKYO MX channel here in this hotel. I feel helpless... Guess I'll just have to wait. Whether there's Valk action or not in this ep, I'm enjoying this series so far and will surely get the Blu-ray that will be released starting next month. Let's all support Macross!!!
  11. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    This. EXACTLY why I'm on the verge of throwing in the towel. Pretty much like their vintage DYRL 1/55 Strike Valkyrie using a pair of TV style arm armor.
  12. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    Why are their arm armors the DYRL type? Aren't they supposed to have the TV type arm armors?
  13. I might be the same with you about not needing subs, but... This is more for the NON Fans who don't speak Japanese. And what better way of introducing THE ORIGINAL Macross Movie story to non-believers, especially to Robocrap fans who has never heard the truth about Macross?
  14. I see plenty of cancelling of pre-orders.
  15. Yeah, this has got to be the best version so far. What it lacks is English subtitles. The upcoming Delta Blu-rays will have English subtitles. And I hope Bigwest come to realize that HG DOESN'T OWN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE and that they CAN and SHOULD release the SDF Series and DYRL WITH English subtitles!!! What? They don't want our money?!!...
  16. That guy needs a Roy Helmet.
  17. Thanks! will sure try this for my VF-1A Shin.
  18. Really, you can take off that section? I'll go check when I get home.
  19. Wow!!! The place is jam packed! There in Kawasaki is where I stay whenever I'm in Tokyo. Was it held inside the Lazona Mall or just beside it and the JR station? Man, I'm so jealous.
  20. Bub

    1/55's revisited

    Quick Question: Will the 80's Strike Parts of the VF-1S Strike Valkyrie fit the Bandai Reissues and the Origin of Valkyrie toys?
  21. Bub

    Macross figures

    Really? The "before" has the eyes painted on already? Instabuy! Standing by for more details...
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