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  1. I watched a few of the episodes and I must say I'm loving it. Kinda reminds me of the Cowboy Bebop Series which some episodes are stand alone but still follows a series time line. BTW, anyone heard about the upcoming GITS II movie?
  2. Anyone know why Harmony Gold isn't runing after Manga for releasing Macross Plus in the US where there is a VF-1 appearance? I thought Harmony Gold claims anything derivative from the Original Series.
  3. But if this is true. Why are there still Videos/DVDs of Macross Plus by Manga? I recall a cameo apearance of the VF-1 in this OAV. Or is Harmony Gold just too chicken to point that out? I really wish to see a VF-1 (even if it isn't the low viz) in Macross Zero. VF-1 apeared in other series like Macross7 and Macross Plus. I really expect to see this one in Macross Zero as well. Imagine how it would move mechanically in CG animation! SWEET!!
  4. I agree. Great game. But I think of it as a glorified version of the NES Macross Game. Which I also enjoyed during its time. simple but ROCKS! 2D side scolling game for me would be the Arcade Game.
  5. I've heard of it when I was making a skin for the C-172 in MSFS2002. But I didn't getting into the trouble of making 3D models. They're just too tedious for me. Good luck in making the Fanracer. I hope it will be compatible for the MSFS2002. 2004 demands a faster computer. Keep us posted.
  6. I voted: 8. - I'd play it often I love this game. I should've kept the one I borrowed when I played it for the first time. I was disapointed at first, when I saw other the valks because I know nothing about Macross Plus and Macross7 at that time so I just returned it. Then after a few months I learned of the other Macross Series. I started looking for it like a lust in my body. I've searched everywhere until I settled for a pirate version. There are alot bad points about this game like the midi sounds and pop-up graphics, etc.. But these flaws didn't keep this game from being tied number 1 with VO/VOXP in my list of best Macross Games. I love it because it has the Macross Feel. It's like you're flying a VF, maybe because of its COCKPIT VIEW. Man, I wish the upcoming Macross game for the PS2 has a COCKPIT VIEW.
  7. You might find a few in the MW archives: (click me)
  8. I'm no altar boy here but I am really Happy because I know Yamato is listening to its fans. Thank you Yamato for the VF-1S Hikaru DYRL?! I can't wait!
  9. For those that will be visiting here and want instant link o the pinned topic of the old forum: (click me) And if I haven't mistaken Mr. Lance is making an English patch for the VOXP version. How it going?
  10. If you noticed, in battroid mode. the hips a conected to the nose cone too far low. Yeck! But that doesn't really matter that much as long as the gameplay is great.......... ............ And I still wish that this game has a COCKPIT VIEW!
  11. Wow. So many Macross Videos I have yet to watch. Thanks for reposting the links!
  12. I think the same way. In the 1/48 line. Poor Hikaru and Roy. But am sure glad that Hikaru Strike is on his way! And hopefully we get the improvements with it EXCLUDING the panel lines (it would be inconsistent for the other DYRL? valks). I really hope. Because, remember the 1/60 VF-1D, it has the "L" shaped grove on its forearm for the early version of the gunpod even if the collapsible version was already available during its release.
  13. Does anyone here has the scan from a magazine which shows a model/diorama of Max with a Zentraedi in this particular scene? I thought I saw it somewhere. It HAS the GUNPOD on its arms THE RIGHT WAY. The battroid is pointing its RIGHT ELBOW on the face of the Zentraedi where the gunpod is also pointing. Anyone has the scan?
  14. Regarding the VF-1S Hikaru Strike in the back ground, does anyone smell if Yamato will release this packaged with the the fast pack?
  15. Hello everyone. Let's remember that the TV fast packs are still different from the DYRL? ones. Some of our knowledgable MWer already pointed this out in the old forums. I just thought, I add this reminder. Anyway, I think the TV fast pack comes with the VF-1J. edit: I think the VF-1J comes with the TV fast packs. So we don't think we have to worry about mixing the DYRL? the TV fast packs.
  16. 1) Average size of the files per episode? 2) Is is in avi file format? Thanks.
  17. Abstaining...... It's either because I not really a fan destroids or they all look, somewhat, alike to me. I love to be in the sky/space.
  18. Bub

    1/48 VF-1A CF

    1A Head for the CF for me!!!!!! With DYRL? CF paint scheme, ofcourse. If Yamato want to start getting serious with TV versions, they'd have to resculpt a new VF-1A head. Then that's the time we get to see more 1A MAX and KAKIZAKI customs. But I don't really mind if the 1/48 line ends with the VF-1J just as long as it comes with the GBP ARMOR. (Especially now that we'll be having a VF-1S HIKARU DYRL? soon! )
  19. I did marathons of Macross7 with my younger brother. [power to the music.......power to the universe] I'd say we enjoyed the non stop six-seven episode in one sittingeveryday til we finish the series. [ikuze!!!] And you see, I'm happy. [Try again...... Try again!!!.........] Don't forget to watch M7 the Movie which actually happened in the middle of the series. [FIYAA!!!!!!!..........................................] I still have to see the OVA's and specials in marathons and I still won't loose my head. [bOMBAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
  20. Maybe it's about time to see and meet other people. But Macross marathons aren't that bad either.
  21. I think you should sell them as a set! If you don't, I foresee a shortage of Hikaru and Minmay figures.
  22. Well. The VF-0 looks like it's part of the fleet in Macross7. Something in Kawamori's design that evolved. That's is just my opinion, ofcourse.
  23. I like, I like! Although some will still claim that it looks advanced than the SDF series' Destroids. I like it. I can just imagine how mechanical it would look like in motion. Can't wait for ep.3!!! And I hope we also get to see the VF-1 soon!
  24. Well obviously there will be the improved nosecone and flaps, first introduced on the Max 1/48. I'm sure we'll also see the improved 90 degree capable elbow joint, and redesigned easier opening front landing gear doors introduced on the Low-Vis as well. I'm not sure what other improvements we will see, if any. I was hoping for painted panel lines and optional swapable hands, but it doesn't seem like we are getting those. Graham Yeah, all the improvements that the low viz valk enjoyed: nose cone, flaps, 90 degree elbow bend and the nose geard doors. But regarding the panel lines on this one, it would not be consistent with the other DYRL Valks. Panel lines on the low viz is enough. B)
  25. Bub

    Disaster Down Under

    Yep. Maybe another same-damage victim can share some tips on getting a replacement. I think a fellow MWer ordered an extra heatsheild from one of the favorite e-shops around. Try browsing through the old forums for info.
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