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  1. Flying around with a rocket pack on your back doesn't make you near enough qualified to fly even today's fighters, let alone a fighter craft as complex as a Valkyrie. And Hikaru being in the flying circus is like me hopping from my Diamond to an F-15 - you can't learn all that in a day, although your learning will be admittedly much more rapid. It might not be on the scale as Gundam, but it still doesn't really fix a lot of the cliches, either. I really didn't look too much into the characterization, but from what I saw I didn't really see any huge amounts of depth to them. I will admit that I don't know that much about them though, and may be wrong. What really bugged me, though, was visually the show had absolutely no dirt or grime - hell, the combat portions looked like a light show, as opposed to an area where people are actually dying. I'll give it a chance, but so far I'm not impressed.
  2. Sorry if this doesn't belong here (I skipped ahead in the thread), but I watched it, very typical "high school kid gets thrust into situation and exceeds better than the people who spent their whole lives training for it" crap that anime likes to do. I just skipped through everything to the action scenes (because the characters did not inspire any desire to actually learn about them, and the parts I did watch were just nauseatingly cliche), which, just like the rest of it, were overly bright and colorful, with none of the grittiness that I've come to expect from Macross. Not very satisfied with this iteration - at least Zero didn't go all neon-glow on us.
  3. I was wondering about that...the engine inlets were all wrong. Do you have any pictures of the space shuttle?
  4. Ok, I'm sorry, but this is LAUGHABLE. Please be kind enough to view THIS website and it's accompanying forums: www.3dap.com/hlp There you will find several HUGE campaigns, a source code project, and all the support you could ever want or need. In fact, there's another Robotech/Macross mod going on right now, you just have to dig a bit to find the screenshots.
  5. "Perfect soldier" robots, that have no fear and "no mercy", and are all-powerful, yet somehow the main character manages to defeat them. Annoying, bratty little kids that the small ones in the audience are supposed to "relate" to. Fighter pilot going YEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAWWWWW!!!!! as he blows up an enemy. I mean, seriously, couldn't they think of something like "Bogey down, bogey down, aquiring new target" sheesh!
  6. Daishi: You do NOT want to pull a Kobra in mid-dogfight. You do that, your ass is grass. Any experienced fighter pilot can loop over and nail you, cause you can't maneuver at all (the Kobra has to be performed below either 450 or 250 knotts, I forget). Also, the Su-37 can not out-maneuver a long-range missle as well as you think. Those suckers are fast. If it's launched head on, pow, you can barely maneuver, launched from the rear, pow the missle can follow you anywhere. Close range in, tho, the Su-37 does have a significant advantage with it's high and low speed maneuverablility, and it's helmet-mounted missle sight (Su-37 does have a helmet-mounted site, correct?), which can launch a missle at a target up to 45 degrees off the nose. However, using the superior balance of thrust/weight ratio and turning ability, the F-22 does have the ability to come out on top. And with the new helmet-mounted sight on the F-22, the playing field will be equal in that respect. The F-22 also has better avionics, many Russian aircraft are built to old-time USSR tactical doctrine, i.e. pilot making very little decisisions, so the equipment onboard is far less advanced. However, I'm NOT saying that the Su-37 couldn't beat a F-22. In fact, they're quite evenly matched, it really all comes down to the skill of the pilot. I'd rather fight a really dumb-ass pilot in an F-22 than fight a really experienced pilot in, say, an "old" F-4 Phantom. EDIT: Herz, you know that the standard engine for the Mig-29 only has 400 hours of service life? Try that for toughness, lol, compared to the 400,000 or so of the F-16s engine before it needs an overhaul. But, yea, some Russian birds are really tough, probably tougher than many US jets.
  7. There was one episode of Poekmon where it had a lot of flashing lights, causing epiliptec siezures in many children across Japan.
  8. How do I make my game look that good?
  9. Srry, a little OT, but anyone seen that episode of Justice League, where they fight the giant robot and go into a parrallel dimension? First thought thru my head: Evaaaaa
  10. Excuse me, I didn't mean Midway, it's been awhile since I've looked up the battles. Anyways, the battles I am talking about are 1) Where a force of only 20 wildcats held off a huge Japanese invasion for almost a week or so, gradually degrading their forces. The other situation was where the British, I think in Africa, flying completely obsolete (old inter-war biplanes) aircraft, held off the Luftwaffe until the war's end, gradually upgrading their fighters as they became available.
  11. Ever read about the defense of Malta or Midway during WWII? They are quite easy to compair, read up on them, and they might provide a view on why the Macross survived
  12. Well, he seems pretty happy now He just got back from his College, earned his master's degree
  13. No problem, besides, I have another major project going on (Freespace Upgrade), so I can use the extra time to do that. BTW, Max (the leader of the RT MOD) finally came back! Good news!
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