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  1. I like the Doga too, just not in Quess's colors. Gyunei's paint scheme is sweet.
  2. ZZ Gundam is shown to cause cancer in lab animals.
  3. I will still watch it beforehand anyway, and gladly buy discs when they come. Unless Funi stretches it to an insulting number of discs.
  4. Got mine in yesterday. It looks wonderful, but mine has a loose left knee and a loose right bicep swivel. Boo for those. Loose joints on a VB-6 and now loose joints on the VF-0. I am very pleased with the tampo printed details this time but I really wish they would try a little harder on the joint QA for this price. My 1/48 VF-1's all have great joints, so I know Yamato is capable of doing joints right, they just don't consistently. If they got the joints right this would have been perfect. I would still like to see a VF-0D released. I'd plunk down for one of those, but that's it other than this one.
  5. I am not impressed by that at all. If it was the 8th MS Team GM Sniper with a RX-79G then I'd be all over it but not this.
  6. I have some of those Fusion Works figures too. Really nice little figures. I have Char's Gelgoog, Zeong, Desert RX-79G, RX-78NT1, blue Z-Gok, Gouf Flight Type, Black Trinity Zaku II, and std green Gelgoog on display. Nice detail, and they all hold their balance well. They work good at least as placeholders with no HCM Pro versions yet.
  7. You say that now (and so would I) but remember that Shiki is still without his BFG. 396373[/snapback] The BWS is an integral part of the design though. There's no way the Re-GZ can be released without the BWS so it can change to wave rider mode.
  8. Guess the mouth one got replaced with the other one.
  9. Does anyone know if Fate/Stay Night going to be a full 26 episodes? I've been meaning to download it but as planning to wait for a batch torrent from Mahou.
  10. You need to see Full Metal Panic Fumofu. Yeah there is no emphasis on the mecha in this, but it is the funniest poo I have seen. 395993[/snapback] I was downloading Fumoffu when it was being aired. I absolutely loved it. It was hillarious. Bought it already too.
  11. I just did kind of a Gundam binge so I'll take a Gundam break for a while. I watched Zeta (loved it), suffered through ZZ (which took a while for me to finish since it was so painful) and then watched CCA again. That was sometime in the middle of March that I finished. I'll get some different shows in before I venture to either Turn A or Victory. I just finished Club-to-Death Angel Dokuro-chan (that show was crazy) and marathoned through a very short series called REC, which was a simple romantic drama for something totally different. After that I hit Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid. FMP continues to be a personal favorite of mine. I really hope they make more for it. I also watched the Five Star Stories movie last week, which was pretty good too. Next up is Read or Die TV, Bastard!, and I think I'll finally watch GitS:SAC season 1. My backlog is still massive, but I'm slowly making a dent in it.
  12. The Rick-Dom isn't bad. Usual HCM Pro quality. Mine has no problem holding up the giant beam bazooka. Good joints. I kind of like it better than the Zeonography Char's Rick-dom that I have too.
  13. Wow, if they really release all those CCA suits under HCM Pro I will be so happy. The Jagd Doga looks awesome. Having the other suits too would be awesome. I hope too that during this they still take the time to release the Methuss and Dijeh. I really need a Dijeh to finish the Char/Amuro set. I totally forgot to post pics of the HCM Pro Hi-Zack. I love it. Very nicely posable and the detailing works well with this MS. Here are a few pics:
  14. Monster Squad is a classic. Fun movie. I saw the Gate as a kid too, and I also found it quite scary back then.
  15. I got my HCM Pro Hi-Zack yesterday, and it's another awesome figure. I took a few pics that I'll post when I get home tonight.
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