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  1. Nice display @DYRL VF-1S ! Can you post some more of this Hikaru Strike in different modes and different poses? ... If it’s not to much to ask.
  2. So, is the white true white or pinkish white? Anyone one who has both the arcadia grey googles and this latest release, can you please take a picture of them side by side? Thanks.
  3. Yeah, fun, i used to play in an orchestra. In the string section to be exact, as 2nd violin. I get goose bumps on awsome parts of certain parts of the music we play. I just wish we had anime in our repertoire.
  4. How about listening from the performer's perspective...
  5. And yet another day, skipping directly to to Frontier music.
  6. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    Agreed on being Bandai’d as far as Macross is concerned. I wouldn’t know about for Gundam fans. Only bought the ver 3 of the RX-78 and i haven’t even touch it.
  7. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    Yeah. They painted the wrong side on my toy. Yours got exchanged. In other words, we were Bandai’d.
  8. Yeah, like Bandai’s 1/55 Hikaru Movie Strike sporting “TV” style arm armor... And Bandai’s HMR TV Max and Millia with their DYRL movie style arm armors... All hail Yamato/Arcadia!!! Fellow fans Yamato/Arcadia!!!
  9. Bub

    Hi-Metal R

    Mine happened ages ago:
  10. Yes and no. I’d like to see a new story revolving around a new set of characters inside the Megaroad. The old / original character are there just for background. I want the VF-1 and VF-4 to be the main variable fighters.
  11. Maybe he's referencing Macross the First manga? They have my name on the items, unfortunately...
  12. Man, I miss Yamato...
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